While League of Legends: Wild Rift has a huge selection of skins, aside from the Lunar Beast Miss Fortune skin and Glorious skins, all skins so far have been ported from League of Legends.

That’s changing however with Wild Rift’s first exclusive skin line, Stargazer.

The Stargazers were founded for the sole purpose of protecting humanity from cosmic threats. This starry squad currently has three members — Camille, Soraka, and Twisted Fate.

Stargazer Camille looks daunting in her form, almost like a military general wearing bronze epaulets. Together with her sun-shaped headpiece and glowing pair of eyes, Stargazer Camille looks about ready to put the cosmos under her control.

Meanwhile, Stargazer Soraka shows us a scholarly style with long robes, her crescent staff on her left hand, and a crimson-covered book on her right. This Soraka skin is actually quite refreshing from her current ones in League of Legends since it covers her otherworldly pair of eyes.

This “no-eyes” thing seems to be the in-thing in this skin line as Stargazer Twisted Fate adopted the same fashion only with a gorgeous miter hat. His deck of cards has a gold and silver finish which perfectly gives a popping contrast to his royal blue garments.

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Stargazer Camille, Stargazer Soraka, Stargazer Twisted Fate, skin
Credit: Riot Games

These new Wild Rift skins will be released throughout patch 2.2A.

While our favorite League of Legends skins has always been ported to Wild Rift, Riot Games has not made any announcements if the Stargazer skin line will be available in the PC version.

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