The popular Valorant Champions skin bundle has pulled in US$18.7 million in revenue for Riot Games, according to a report from Upcomer. It was last reported in December that the bundle had raised a total of US$15 million.

The revenue is split evenly between Riot and participating teams at Champions 2021.

16 teams competed at the first-ever Champions event last December, and their US$9.36 million share of the revenue was divided equally between all teams regardless of their placement.

This means that each team took home just under US$600,000 for simply competing in the tournament.

However, how each organization used the money varied. For instance, some teams gave their players the lion’s share of the earnings, while others split it down the middle.

How much each team made from the Valorant Champions skin bundle

Valorant Champions skin bundle
Credit: Valorant leaks

The Valorant Champions skin bundle featured a Vandal and melee skin, in addition to custom finishers, upgrade options, and three player cards. It was available for purchase from November 24 to December 12 last year.

Upcomer only had information on nine of the 16 teams that played at Champions and this was their revenue split:

Team Liquid70%/30%
Team Envy50%/50%
Vivo Keyd20%/80%
X10 Crit100%/0%
Team Secret70%/30%
Vision Strikers70%/30%

Most organizations appear to have kept the majority of the Champions bundle money. Vivo Keyd was the most generous of the lot, giving its players 80% of the revenue, which comes out to around US$93,000 for each player.

Players on Sentinels and Team Envy (now Optic Gaming) didn’t fare too badly either, with their organizations opting for an even two-way split.

Thai esports organization X10 Crit reportedly did not give its players any of the Champions bundle revenue at all. The roster eventually departed the organization in January for Xerxia after their contracts expired.

While it was initially reported that Valorant Champions Acend went for a 75/25 split between the organization and players, Acend’s Head of Esports Mark “Krimson” Senior has since tweeted that this figure is incorrect. He did not provide an update on what the actual distribution was.

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