There’s something sinister about Valorant’s Araxys skin bundle.

Deceptively plain, they exude a mysterious power that belies their seemingly ordinary appearance. And as Riot Games tells it, their backstory is suitably ominous.

They are the weapons of a mysterious alien race, says Riot. Technologically advanced beyond anything the human race has yet to conceive of, they conquered the stars nearly unrivaled, driven only by bloodlust.

With skins available for the Vandal, Operator, Bulldog, Shorty, and melee, you’ll have everything you need to wreak havoc on your opponents.

The Araxys skin bundle takes inspiration from hostile aliens

“The goal was to create a skin line that embodied the danger, the mystery, and the power of an unknown, possibly hostile, alien race,” said Stefan Jevremovic, Art Lead.

“We wanted to make something that seemed technologically advanced, yet too dangerous for mankind to wield safely. We wanted to create something sleek but aggressive, advanced but dark in nature.”

One of the biggest design inspirations came from the idea of inorganic things being alive, according to Victoria Kim, Producer II.

This meant living, breathing bodies made of metal and minerals. The team at Riot conceived of these weapons as the tools of an aggressive and dangerous alien race, large creatures with armored, unpierceable scales.

The Araxys collection clearly reflects that concept, featuring distinct panels that call to mind armored plates and scales.

The futuristic Bio Harvester melee even has dual blades that evoke claws, looking every inch as deadly as the race that forged it.

The bundle also comes with a unique player card, gun buddy, and spray. The card offers a glimpse of this race of ruthless warriors, depicting an armored creature with large talons that is almost robot-like.

Each skin boasts a custom ADS reticle, firing audio and muzzle flash effects, as well as equip, reload, inspect, and idle animations. To cap it off, there is also a unique finisher and kill banner for some additional visual flourish.

There are four different variants available, including the base variant. Upgrading the tan base model will get you purple, black and red, and gray variants.

The Araxys skin bundle will cost 8,700 VP when it hits the store on January 10.

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