World-renowned streamer and former Counter-Strike pro Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek made a return to playing Valorant recently. A few days into playing ranked, the FPS legend weighed in on why Valorant is the superior competitive shooter compared to CS:GO.

Shroud didn’t mince his words as he called CS:GO a garbage game. Shroud proceeded to call out CS:GO’s cheater problem, where someone will be aim hacking, wall banging, or even using a spin bot in almost every game, which just ruins the experience for everyone.

Over in Valorant, Riot Games has pulled out all the stops to make sure their player experience is much better, such as with the implementation of the Vanguard anti-cheat system. They’re also consistently going after cheaters and those who create hacks, even placing a US$100,000 bounty on those who find a way to exploit the Vanguard system.

Shroud, likewise, believes the path to going pro in CS:GO is incredibly complicated. For players who aim to climb the ranks of competitive CS:GO, they need to sign up and pay for ESEA and FACEIT. In comparison, for Valorant, Riot’s new top 200 leaderboard is a perfect way for players to be scouted for the pro scene.

This is how Shroud’s former team Cloud9 scouted their sixth Valorant roster member. Cloud9 took notice when Michael “poiz” Possis moved up to the top spot of the North America Valorant leaderboard.

There are plenty of skilled and talented players in North America who get stuck in B-tier rosters and competitions, because it is incredibly difficult to be recognized in CS:GO. Unless they win a Major, or defeat the top teams in Europe and CIS, new players in North America will always struggle in CS:GO.

Take TSM’s Matthew “Wardell” Yu, for example. Wardell won multiple CS:GO tournaments in North America. He even qualified and competed in world-class tournaments like Flashpoint. But he ended his CS:GO career without a team. The team he competed under in Flashpoint Season 1 was called Orgless because they were an unsigned Canadian stack.

Once he made the switch to Valorant, he immediately got signed by TSM and the team has been in contention as the best squad in North America. We’ve also seen legendary CS:GO players like Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella and Timothy “autimatic” Ta suddenly switch to Valorant.

As it stands, Shroud has a very strong case as to why CS:GO will continue to decline, while Valorant is just getting started.

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