Secretlab today announced the Secretlab Valorant Edition gaming chair, clad in the game’s theme colors of red and navy blue.

The new collaboration with longtime partner Riot Games is the latest in a line of chairs inspired by other Riot titles and tournaments like League of Legends and Valorant Champions 2022.

However, while several of its League of Legends chairs are based on individual champions, Secretlab has opted for a simpler approach with Valorant — with one unique twist.

Pair the Secretlab Valorant Edition gaming chair with a matching lumbar pillow

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Valorant Edition features the game’s logo stitched onto its backrest, finished with the agent role icons embroidered on its side wings.

Valorant’s “Defy the Limits” tagline adorns the back of the chair in 10 different languages, an apt tribute to the game’s global reach and focus on diverse representation.

But the biggest highlight is arguably the Riot Fist Bump gun buddy dangling from its side, modeled after one of the most coveted in-game items. After all your unsuccessful attempts at harassing Rioters for one, at least you can have it in real life.

If you want to create a Valorant-themed setup, Secretlab has made it easy to do that as well. A Valorant Edition memory foam lumbar pillow features the same red stitching and logos, pairing perfectly with the chair.

There is also a set of Valorant Edition accessories for the Secretlab MAGNUS desk. A custom Valorant magnetic desk mat and matching cable management bundle, including cable sheaths and anchors, will allow fans to showcase their love for Riot’s shooter.

The collection is now available to buy on Secretlab’s website.

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