The 100 Thieves Valorant roster could be in for another shakeup. Noah “jcStani” Smith, who is currently on loan to the team from Pioneers, has said that he was just informed that he is not part of 100 Thieves’ future plans.

JcStani joined 100 Thieves alongside Sean “bang” Bezerra in late February during the VCT NA Stage 1 Challengers group stage. The duo replaced Hunter “BabyJ” Schline and Adam “ec1s” Eccles, who were abruptly dropped from the team after just two matches together.

Unfortunately, 100 Thieves only managed to pick up a win against Evil Geniuses and eventually failed to advance to the playoffs.

The departure of the former Pioneers player would pave the way for further roster changes down the road, as the Los Angeles-based organization continues to hunt for talent in preparation for VCT NA Stage 2 in May.

It is not immediately clear who will replace jcStani in the controller role, although 100 Thieves is currently rumored to be eyeing ex-TSM superstar Matthew “Wardell” Yu as its dedicated Operator player.

JcStani says he is looking for new opportunities

100 Thieves jcStani leaving tweet
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

In a TwitLonger post, jcStani thanked 100 Thieves and its players for the opportunity to play with them.

However, he appeared blindsided by the decision to move on without him, because he had apparently been led to believe that he would be part of the organization’s long-term plans.

“I’m still frustrated with how this turned out for me. Was told by someone with 100 Thieves that the plan was to sign me after VCT. Was told post-VCT that everything we were doing was for the long-term. Was even asked if I’d be willing to try being main IGL,” he wrote.

“They kept reiterating how much they liked me and how flexible I was,” he added.

JcStani is now actively looking for new opportunities. He is currently visiting family in California and will be cutting his trip short to return to Texas to trial with any interested teams.

“I really want to be a part of a great team heading into the next VCT qualifying run and am willing to do anything to make that happen. Self-sufficient and can play pretty much anything at this point. Always willing to be flexible to support the team,” he said.

100 Thieves Valorant recently signed Daniel “ddk” Kapadia and Sean Gares as general manager and head coach respectively, part of its ongoing restructuring efforts after its disappointing run in VCT NA Stage 1.

You can read the player’s TwitLonger here.

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