Valorant patch 4.04 introduced major changes to Riot’s shooter, and not all of them are good.

On top of big nerfs to Astra and Viper, and buffs to Omen and Brimstone, the patch comes with a large serving of game-breaking bugs.

A new Icebox bug now causes players to die from fall damage when they stand in a very specific spot, and it’s been documented to hilarious effect.

The bug is just one in a long list of issues that Riot has to fix. From Astra being able to buy a Marshal in pistol rounds, to a reworked Yoru planting the spike in his Dimensional Drift ultimate, patch 4.04 will probably go down in history as one of the most memorable to date.

Icebox bug in B Green kills players with fall damage

There’s one extra change to Icebox that Riot forgot to mention in its overhaul of the map. An invisible force now lives in the first cubby in B Green, and it’ll kill anyone who dares venture there.

Players have been dying randomly when walking into the cubby, and their deaths attributed to fall damage in the kill feed. It’s happened to both attackers and defenders, much to the bemusement of all the players in the lobby.

For now, it looks like you might have to run straight down B Green if you don’t want to risk having your spirit suddenly ripped from your body.

Frankly, there’s nothing funnier than watching Jett push B Green aggressively and then suddenly fall flat on her face.

As it turns out, that’s not even the only bug affecting Icebox right now. Players have discovered that it’s possible to plant the spike in the hallway to Kitchen, and not just on the bridge.

Icebox bug spike plant B site
Credit: k_do_g

On top of that, dropping the spike on the second floor of B site reportedly causes it to bounce across the floor.

That said, Riot was quick to fix the Yoru and Astra bugs, so it should hopefully roll out a solution for these Icebox bugs soon.

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