Japanese Tekken player Pinya has been making waves recently with his incredible Master Raven play.

Known as a fairly elusive character with teleporting abilities and back turn combos, Master Raven also has a character-specific infinite Crouch Step (d,df,d,n,d,df,d,n) that can close gaps in a flash.

Pinya showcased his mastery of the move at the recent InterContintental Fight Club tournament. To add to the flair of the dash, Pinya usually ended the two-part dash with a windmill.

Aside from being a flashy movement skill, Pinya also utilizes the crouch dash as a way to initiate quick mix-ups.

In one fight against Hazure Metal’s Gigas, Pinya caught the fellow Japanese player crouching on his dash and immediately launched him with a Pendulum Kick for a full combo.

In the ICFC S1 Asia Finals, the Master Raven specialist continued to style on opponents with the crouch dash, eventually being crowned the ultimate champion for the region.

After the tournament, legendary Korean pro player Bae “Knee” Jae-min coined the term “Pinya step” for the crouch dash and even tried his hand at it during a stream.

“Knee named it Pinya step. I’m honored,” said Pinya in a tweet.

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