Despite going through some drastic and uncertain role-changing, Bjorn “Zeys” Ong will be coming back as an EVOS Legends trainer for the sixth season. EVOS announced the news about the trade-back on Thursday.

With the fifth week of MPL ID starting this weekend, Zeys will again become a strategy maker for EVOS Legends. Meanwhile, previous trainer Stanley “TaxStump” Hermawan will transition into the role of an analyst.

Since the beginning of MPL ID Season 6, TaxStump had always been an analyst, but to due to Zeys’ struggles of not getting the required working visa, he also filled in as the trainer of EVOS. He later confirmed this in an interview with ONE Esports.

“I’m an analyst. Yesterday, I came in as a replacement, especially with Zeys also being registered as a player. His visa was also not ready,” TaxStump told ONE Esports.

This problem actually made Zeys not yet get the opportunity to play as an EVOS Legends player in MPL ID Season 6 and also when he was transferred to EVOS Esports in MDL Season 2.

EVOS tried their best to keep Zeys more active on the battlefield by any means possible. Though he wasn’t getting any minutes in the MPL, the org even sent down to the MDL for a brief time to see if he could finally play.

With Zeys now back with EVOS Legends, it’ll be interesting to see how the head coach will lead the squad, especially with the team experiencing an improvement in performance with two consecutive wins.

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