While Bjorn “Zeys” Ong is mostly known for his role as the former head coach of EVOS Legends, he has recently gone back to a player role, and is now listed as a player on EVOS Esports’ MDL (MLBB Development League) roster.

Before becoming a coach, Zeys was known for his stellar tank play and, while he’s shown his skills on S-tier tanks like Khufra and Atlas, he’s also known for his unorthodox style of playing Lunox in a tank role (she’s usually a mage pick).

From the looks of it, Zeys will be bringing his tank Lunox to MDL, based on a comment he made in EVOS’ post announcing that he will be joining the MDL roster.

“Wait for Lunox tank at MDL,” said Zeys.

EVOS MDL could certainly use a spark to get their season going, as they’re currently struggling in seventh place.

Will Zeys be able to turn the team around?

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