Since the beginning of MPL ID’s sixth season, there have been many discussions about the superteam EVOS Legends and their roster. For many MLBB enthusiasts, the fate of Zeys in the team’s fleshed-out roster was always a hot topic.

The MPL ID season is already on its third week, but Zeys has yet to appear in any games and EVOS even confirmed that the Singaporean player will not play. Though many fans believed he was helping the team behind the scenes, his role in the team became more questionable when EVOS Legends picked up Taxstump as their new trainer.

Zeys finally gave concerned fans and viewers some light into his situation as an MPL player. In a video uploaded to the EVOS YouTube channel, Zeys revealed that he was focused on helping the team off the field.

“First of all, it was a visa issue,” said Zeys. “Second, I feel that it is better to see the team from a third-person perspective to be able to help more then focusing on seeing yourself.”

Even with his clarification only happening last week, EVOS recently revealed that Zeys has been transferred to EVOS Esports for Season 2 of the MLBB Development League (MDL ID).

Though it may be saddening to no longer see the SG player fight alongside Bajan and the rest of EVOS Legends, we can’t wait to see him back in action in the Land of Dawn with EVOS Esports.

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