Brody is a hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that we love and hate. He has one of the best kits that can easily kill off squishy enemies once he locks onto them. His base damage is so high that some players even build him as a tank, and still get away with it. He is a great ally in every situation, and a nightmare to be against.

But like all marksman heroes, Brody can be countered by burst and heroes who have the ability to go in and out of a team fight quickly. He is especially vulnerable in the early game, so pressure him during that period.

Here are some of the heroes that you can pick against Brody when you find yourself facing off against the Lone Star:

3. Hayabusa

MLBB hero Hayabusa
Credit: Moonton

Some of the heroes that might fare well against Brody are not easy to master. Hayabusa is considered one of the easiest. The key thing is to not give Bordy the chance to stack his passive on you.

This is where Hayabusa shines. He can use Ougi: Shadow Kill to deal damage against Brody without giving him the chance to fight back. This works best when he’s alone.

In a 1v1 situation, bridge the gap with Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, then use your ultimate to deal damage, and return to one of your shadows for safety if he manages to survive. Do not take long trades against Brody.

2. Ling

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Ling
Credit: Moonton

Ling is another assassin who can deal with Brody. Thanks to his various mobility skills, Ling can easily close the gap and burst down the Lone Star with ease.

Finch Poise a great ability for escaping the battlefield once Brody has full stacks on you. After he casts Torn-Apart Memory and it goes on cooldown, Ling can quickly get back in the fight with Defiant Sword to finish him off.

Tempest of Blades can also make it difficult for Brody to apply stacks on you if you can trigger Sword Field. Always remember to constantly be on the move and avoid Abyss Impact.

1. Claude

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Claude
Credit: Moonton

Much like Hayabusa, Claude is a marksman hero that can melt almost all enemies once he gets his core items. His mobility alone can be a difficult matchup for Brody.

What makes Claude one of the best marksman counters for Brody is his Battle Image Mirror and Blazing Duet combo. Once Claude enters the fray with this ultimate, Brody might try to counterattack by stunning you with Corrosive Strike and get his stacks up.

Fortunately, you can teleport back to your mirror image, away from Brody’s Torn-Apart Memory. With the right timing, positioning, and core items, Claude can almost always burst down Brody once Blazing Duet is activated.

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