Guinevere is a hero that’s easy to play and hard to master. Unlike the majority of fighters played in the EXP lane, Guinevere deals magic damage and has insane amounts of damage when she lands all her abilities on unsuspecting enemies.

Are you having a hard time playing against Ms. Violet? Here are three EXP lane heroes you can use who have a good chance of stopping this early game killer.

3. Helcurt

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Helcurt
Credit: Moonton

If you have played Guinevere, you know that she heavily relies on her Spatial Migration-Violet Requiem combo. This combo allows her to knock an enemy airborne while damaging them for about three seconds.

This will no longer be an issue when you use Helcurt against her. Helcurt’s passive, Race Advantage, silences the enemy who stuns him for 1.5 seconds.

This means that once she jumps on you with Spatial Migration, she won’t be able to follow it up with Violet Requiem. You can easily escape or even fight back using Dark Night Falls and Shadow Transition to silence her for another 1.5 seconds, and Deadly Stinger to burst her down.

You can also use Battle Spell, Petrify, to increase your chances of eliminating Guinevere if you plan to start most of the team fights.

2. Benedetta

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Benedetta
Credit: Moonton

Benedetta is one of the newest heroes to grace the Land of Dawn. Considered as one of the most versatile assassins, a proficient Benedetta player is a hard matchup to the point where you wish you should’ve just banned her in the drafting phase.

So what makes the Shadow Ranger a dangerous foe for Ms. Violet? We all know that Violet relies on hitting her skill shots, and it takes time to master all her abilities since it requires precise timing.

Benedetta is a hero who can dash quickly thanks to her passive Swordout Slash, making it hard for Guinevere to hit Energy Wave and Spatial Migration. If by chance Guinevere lands Spatial Migration, Benedetta can block it with An Eye For An Eye, and fight back with Alecto: Final Blow.

We all know that Guinevere is vulnerable if she doesn’t have Spatial Migration, so use that to your advantage and engage every time it’s down.

1. Chou

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Chou
Credit: Moonton

Last but not the least, the Kung-fu Boy is easily one of the best counters to Guinevere. He can evade most of Guinevere’s abilities with Jeet Kune Do.

Guinevere will also have a hard time landing her stun thanks to Chou’s Shunpo which renders him immune to all crowd control effects.

If Guinevere tries to escape after Spatial Migration, Chou can use Jeet Kune Do again since it has a low cooldown, and deal the killing blow with the Way of Dragon. A good Chou player will be able to freestyle his way against an unwary Guinevere, even in the early game.

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