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Quantum Charge has garnered significant attention in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, making it popular not only in ranked, but also in the competitive scene.

The new talent is a rework of the marksman emblem Electro Flash in the previous emblem system.

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It provides HP regeneration and movement speed with each basic attack, making it an ideal choice for marksman and assassin heroes who rely on their basic attacks.

Surprisingly, Bigetron Alpha I “Xorizo” Dwipayana believes that EXP lane heroes can also reap the rewards of this talent, and his reasoning actually makes a lot of sense.

Xorizo believes Quantum Charge is a talent that every EXP laner should use in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang talent, Quantum Charge
Credit: ONE Esports

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, the Bigetron Alpha player detailed how this new talent can help EXP laners succeed in the laning phase.

“My goal (in the lane) is getting HP regeneration and movement speed in the early game. That is very useful for EXP laners, in my opinion,” he said.

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Unlike the mid or gold laner, who usually gets help from the roamer, EXP laners often find themselves alone for the majority of the laning phase.

This makes Quantum Charge useful for the role, for the HP regeneration and movement speed help them stay alive in the crucial first five minutes of the game without needing much help from teammates.

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The player showcased the effectiveness of this talent in the first week of MPL ID Season 12 on two heroes who don’t rely on basic attacks, Paquito and Grock.

It was effective as he maintained lane dominance in the early game, which eventually led to wins.

Whenever his HP gets low, he attacks the enemy to regain HP. With its eight-second cooldown, the need to recall is also decreased.

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However, he stated that there are exceptions. “It really depends on the hero,” he clarified. “For instance, I play Esmeralda without Quantum Charge.”

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