The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Cup 2022 (MSC 2022) will kick off in June, but Moonton has already teased its upcoming MSC 2022 pass.

Players can purchase the MSC 2022 pass to earn exclusive rewards during the tournament, such as the Hierophant Pharsa and Earth’s Mightiest Claude skins. Here are all the upcoming freebies and events included in the MSC 2022 pass.

The MSC 2022 pass will be available before the tournament begins

MSC 2022 trophy
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

The teaser was shown on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube page, revealing that the upgraded pass will be available for purchase starting June 6. The pass will only be up for purchase until June 20.

Upon purchasing the pass, players will immediately receive the exclusive Hierophant Pharsa skin, the first MSC Epic skin, and 1,000 MSC coins, which can be used for claiming rewards.

Free players will also receive the MSC 2022 pass, but will have to work extra hard to finish tasks to claim the exclusive skins and rewards.

How to get Hierophant Pharsa for free?

MSC 2022 exchange rewards
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

It is possible to obtain the exclusive skin without buying the upgraded pass, but it will take a little patience to pull off. According to the teaser, players will need to exchange a total of 25,900 MSC coins for the skin.

Players can earn these coins by completing tasks and participating in various events during the tournament.

Here is the schedule of all the events where players can get free MSC coins.

Champion GuessJune 6-10
MSC GuessJune 8-19
Ranked boostJune 6-19

If you already have the upgraded pass or opt not to get the Pharsa skin, you can exchange the MSC coins for other rewards such as the Space Explorer Jawhead skin, Earth’s Mightiest Claude skin, or other MSC in-game rewards.

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