The teaser for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) exclusive skin, Earth’s Mightiest Claude, has just been released and Claude mains can’t wait to get their hands on it!

In the teaser trailer, Claude and Dexter are both rocking futuristic outfits, complete with technologically advanced gadgets and weaponry. If you look closely, you can even see Claude wielding a cannon on his arm instead of holding a rifle, similar to Mega Man’s arm cannon.

Earth’s Mightiest Claude improved abilities

There is no confirmation yet on whether the skin will be epic or special. It doesn’t matter anyway as all of his abilities have been visually upgraded to match the skin.

Claude now shoots blue lasers while Dexter retains his usual shooting effects.

Art of Thievery now emits a blue and white wave similar to his basic attacks while Battle Mirror Image now summons a holographic version of Dexter that feels similar to his default skin, but is actually different as this mirror image now shoots blue lasers.

For his ultimate, Blazing Duet, The bullets are now transformed into laser shots. The circle indicator around Claude has also been upgraded to make it more robotic-themed and noticeable.

How to get the MSC exclusive Earth’s Mightiest Claude skin

As the title suggests, the skin is time-limited and you can only get it by buying the MSC Tournament Pass.

Similar to the Starlight rewards system, you can get more rewards by levelling up your Tournament Pass. All you have to do is complete daily tasks and correctly guess the winner of each MSC game. It’s that easy!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MSC Tournament Pass interface
Screenshot by Julian Elona/ONE Esports

You can obtain Sacred Statues, avatar borders, and a special MSC emote the more you level up your Tournament Pass. There is no official announcement yet on how much it will cost, so stay tuned!

Earth’s Mightiest Claude will be available in the in-game store soon.

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