Updated on October 22, 10:16 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated scores.

The stage is set for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Singapore Season 6 (MPL SG Season 6).

This season promises to be exceptionally challenging, with each team making strategic adjustments in their pursuit of the championship and the opportunity to represent Singapore at the M5 World Championship in December.

Three-time champions RSG SG are determined to replicate their past success with the addition of fresh talent to their roster.

Meanwhile, rivals Bleed Esports, have made significant changes by adding Filipino imports Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang and Kiel VJ “Kielvj” Hernandez to their lineup.

Vanguard Esports and Alchemy SG have also earned their places in the tournament through the open qualifiers, and they are eager to make their mark this season.

What is MPL SG Season 6?

RSG Slate SG MPL SG Season 5 champion trophy lift
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Singapore Season 6 marks the final MLBB tournament in Singapore for the year. It has three phases: the open qualifier, the regular season, and the playoffs.

A total of eight teams are set to compete in this battle on the Land of Dawn. Two of these teams have earned their slots through the qualifiers. Their ultimate goal is to secure a lion’s share of the S$100,000 prize pool.

MPL SG Season 6 format

Similar to the previous season, the regular season will span four weeks, featuring games played in a best-of-three, single round-robin format.

Earning a sweep in a series will grant a team three points. If a match ends with a 2-1 score, the winning team will secure two points, while the losing team will gain one point.

The top four teams will progress to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the bottom four will be seeded into the lower bracket.

The playoffs will adopt a double-elimination structure. All matches leading up to the final will be best-of-three, with the upper and lower bracket finals shifting to best-of-fives. The grand final will culminate in a best-of-seven showdown.

MPL SG Season 6 schedule

Eight of the competing teams at MPL SG Season 6
Credit: Moonton Games

MPL SG Season 6 standings

Team Flash5 — 111 — 315
RSG SG5 — 111 — 414
HomeBois4 — 210 — 612
Bleed Esports3 — 39 — 612
EVIL3 — 37 — 88
Vanguard Esports3 — 36 — 87
Stellark SG1 — 52 — 103
Alchemy SG0 — 61 — 121

Week 1

September 9 (Saturday)

Alchemy SG0 — 2HomeBois SG
Bleed Esports2 — 0Vanguard Esports
RSG SG1 — 2Team Flash
Evil2 — 0Stellark SG

September 10 (Sunday)

HomeBois SG2 — 1Bleed Esports
Stellark SG2 — 0Alchemy SG
Vanguard Esports0 — 2RSG SG
Team Flash2 — 0Evil

Week 2

September 16 (Saturday)

Evil1 — 2Vanguard Esports
RSG SG2 — 1HomeBois SG
Alchemy SG0 — 2Bleed Esports
Stellark SG0 — 2Team Flash

September 17 (Sunday)

Bleed Esports1 — 2RSG SG
Vanguard Esports2 — 0Stellark SG
HomeBois SG1 — 2Evil
Team Flash2 — 0Alchemy SG

Week 3

September 23 (Saturday)

Team Flash2 — 0Vanguard Esports
Alchemy SG0 — 2RSG SG
Stellark SG0 — 2HomeBois SG
Evil2 — 1Bleed Esports

September 24 (Sunday)

Vanguard Esports2 — 1Alchemy SG
HomeBois SG2 — 1Team Flash
Bleed Esports2 — 0Stellark SG
RSG SG2 — 0Evil

Week 4

September 30 (Saturday)

Stellark SG0 — 2RSG SG
Alchemy SG1 — 2Evil
Team Flash2 — 1Bleed Esports
Vanguard Esports0 — 2HomeBois SG


October 20 (Friday)

First round lower bracket

EVIL2 — 1Alchemy SG
Vanguard Esports2 — 0Stellark SG

Alchemy SG and Stellark SG have been eliminated.

Upper bracket semifinal

Team Flash2 — 1Bleed Esports
RSG SG2 — 0HomeBois SG

October 21 (Saturday)

Lower bracket quarterfinal

EVIL2 — 1HomeBois SG
Vanguard Esports2 — 0Bleed Esports

HomeBois SG and Bleed Esports have been eliminated.

Upper bracket final

Team Flash1 — 3RSG SG

Lower bracket semifinal

EVIL2 — 1Vanguard Esports

Vanguard Esports has been eliminated.

Featured image of the ONE Esports' arcticle -- Exclusive: Diablo wants to stand out — for the sake of Singapore’s MLBB esports scene
Credit: ONE Esports
Exclusive: Diablo wants to stand out — for the sake of Singapore’s MLBB esports scene

October 22 (Sunday)

Lower bracket final

Team Flash SG3 — 1EVIL

EVIL has been eliminated.

Grand final

RSG SG3 — 4Team Flash SG

Team Flash SG wins the MPL SG Season 6 grand final.

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Where to watch MPL SG Season 6?

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official media platforms:

Follow ONE Esports on FacebookInstagram, and Tiktok for MLBB esports news, guides, and updates.

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