MPL PH Season 6 has just finished its third week with the league’s best teams leading the charge in its two groups.

Aura PH is now back on top in Group A with two back-to-back wins while Bren Esports continues its perfect record with another win-filled week.


  • Nexplay Solid 1 – 2 Execration
  • Bren Esports 2 – 0 BSB
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Blacklist Intl
  • Onic PH 2 – 1 OMG
  • Nexplay 0 – 2 Aura PH
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Cignal Ultra
  • Aura 2 – 1 Omega
  • Execration 0 – 2 Bren Esports

Match of the week: Execration vs. Bren Esports

Execration and Bren Esports faced each other on the final day of Week 3. While Execration has stood tall as a kill-hungry squad, the team was no match for Bren Esports’ telepathic chemistry.

To finish off game one, Bren Essports stormed the last mid-tower and had KarlTzy’ Lancelot and FlapTzy’s Uranus diving deep for a few kills inside the base. With Lord coming in through the top lane, Bren easily pressured EXE to a losing fight and claimed the first win of the series.

Though EXE became more aggressive and hungry for kills in game two, their trades were merely aiding Bren in other objectives. S4gitnu’s Gatotkaca tried to steal Lord from a Bren trio but eventually fell to a premature invasion. Now taking the 4v5 advantage and the Lord buff Pheww and his crew went all-in for a siege. KarlTzy even picked up an incredible maniac right before they took down the base inhibitor for the series sweep.

Player of the week: Aura’s Jaypee

Aura PH takes home two wins this week with the help of their resident marksman Jaypee. Taking up three out of four MVP awards, Jaypee proves himself as an integral part of Aura’s unpredictable offense. Though his score-lines aren’t necessarily blown-out, the marksman player does his best to lay down the damage and avoid any chances of feeding the enemy team.

Playing as Roger in their match against Nexplay Solid, he positioned himself as kiting back-line. Despite taking no kills in the final engage, he picked up four assists for his incredible damage out-put and lockdown on opponents inside their own base.


Group A

  1. Aura (11)
  2. Execration (9)
  3. Blacklist Intl (8)
  4. Nexplay Solid (7)
  5. Blu Fire (1)

Group B

  1. Bren Esports (14)
  2. Omega (7)
  3. Onic (7)
  4. Cignal Ultra (5)
  5. BSB (3)

Week 4 of MPL PH S6 will start on September 11 with Bren going up against Cignal Ultra and Blacklist Intl facing off Execration.

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