With frequent patches and reworks shaking up the meta of Mobile Legends, the mobile game’s pro players show how even the weakest heroes can actually amount to some good in the competitive scene.

In the first week of MPL PH S6, Aura PH support player Rafflesia pulled out a surprise Diggie that left Execration bamboozled.

Knowing that Rafflesia has a pretty wide champion pool with the likes of Luo Yi and other stronger support heroes, EXE was ready to kill off the weak owl hero.

Though Diggie is mainly used to protect teammates with his ultimate, Time Journey, Rafflesia utilized his passive skill, Young Again, as the perfect exploit on EXE’s hard carries. Upon dying, Rafflesia’s Diggie went into his untargetable Egg Form and followed the enemy team around as a means of vision and disruption, leaving EXE helpless to stop the intel.

Even with a few helpful skills during other skirmishes, Rafflesia’s Diggie just kept feeding himself to the enemy carry without care and was even killed 21 times throughout the game.

Despite Execration’s slight lead in kills (22-29), Aura PH was always able to maintain a 15K gold advantage, powering Aura’s four other players to beat the rest of Execration in items and leveling. Rafflesia’s surprise draft that had a KDA ratio of 0/21/14 eventually translated to an impressive 13-minute win for the Aura squad and an MVP award of the game.

“I think this Diggie pick is risky,” said caster Manjean. “They chose Diggie and Selena to dominate lanes with zone-control since Execration is all about entry points for fights.”

Aura PH eventually closed out the series against Execration with a win and currently leads Group A with a record of 2-0.

You can catch them in their next match against Blacklist Intl on August 29.

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