The second week of MPL PH 26 has concluded and brought some drastic changes to the two group rankings.

Execration has jumped up to first place in Group A while Bren Esports finished the week with a triumphant win over Aura PH.


  • Bren Esports 2 – 0 Omega
  • BlueFire 0 – 2 Execration
  • Onic 2 – 1 BSB
  • Blacklist Intl 1 – 2 Aura PH
  • Omega 2 – 0 Cignal Ultra
  • Nexplay Solid 2 – 0 BSB
  • Aura PH 0 – 2 Bren Esports
  • Execration 2 – 0 Cignal Ultra

Match of the week: Aura PH vs Bren Esports

Bren Esports’ win over Aura PH was the perfect display of Bren’s teamwork and coordination. Despite going against the best team in the region, Pheww and his crew stood tall and took every skirmish opportunity to their favor.

In game one, Bren excelled in map dominance by destroying all of Aura’s outside towers, forcing them to overextend. With just one misplacement, Bren easily initiated a nasty wipeout on Aura and rushed their base inhibitor to claim their first win.

Game two was another great showcase of Bren’s ability to initiate game-changing moves on the go. With Lusty’s Khufra baiting Rafflesia and Jaypee for an engage, he initiated an insane three-man Tyrant’s Rage. To complete the wombo-combo, Pheww followed up with a Meteor Shower to help claim two kills in the clash.

With Lord marching down the turret-less mid-lane, Pheww and the boys kept the remaining defenders busy while Lord chopped down the base inhibitor for the momentous sweep over Aura.

Player of the week: Execration’s Hate

Even with Execration’s top assassin Z4pnu taking the week off, the team still had that killer edge with Hate. Elaborately using Ling’s Finch Poise and Defiant Sword, the EXE player executed an incredible tower-dive in their second match against Blu Fire.

Though the two-kill engage left him low on life, he exited the fight to heal up and once his health bar was full, the Ling player assisted Ch4knu with the remaining enemies and claimed his own double-kill in the aftermath.


Group A

  1. Execration (7)
  2. Aura (6)
  3. Nexplay Solid (6)
  4. Blacklist Intl (5)
  5. Blu Fire (1)

Group B

  1. Bren Esports (8)
  2. Omega (5)
  3. Onic (5)
  4. BSB (3)
  5. Cignal ultra (2)

Week three of MPL PH S6 will start on September 4 with Nexplay going head-to-head with Execration and BSB challenging Bren Esports.

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