The first week of MPL PH S6 has just concluded with the top teams leading the league’s new two-group format.

Reigning champs Aura PH currently dominate Group A with a perfect record while their rivals Onic PH leads the pack in group B.


  • Onic PH 1 – 2 Bren Esports
  • Blu Fire 0 – 2 Nexplay Solid
  • Nexplay Solid 0 – 2 Blacklist Intl
  • BSB 1 – 2 Cignal Ultra
  • Execration 1 – 2 Aura PH
  • Blacklist Intl 1 – 2 Omega
  • Blu Fire 1 – 2 Onic PH
  • Aura PH 2 – 1 BSB

Match of the week: Bren Esports vs. Onic PH

The season started with a powerhouse match-up between Bren Esports and Onic PH. While Bren dominated the first game with 20 kills over Onic’s 2, Onic dished out some last-minute plays in game two to secure the tie.

By the 12-minute mark, Ly4knu’s Uranus tanked his way through a flashy double-kill while OhMyV33NUS came through with a Rotation spell on FlapTzy to complete the game-ending ace.

By game three, both teams were playing on the defensive, only initiating for guaranteed kills rather than risky outplays. Bren controlled the final minutes of the game with only base towers left on ONIC’s side and a Lord marching down the mid-lane.

With Onic PH huddling inside their base, KarlTzy’s Lancelot went for the insane dive straight into the Base Inhibitor, claiming a double kill on OhMyV33NUS’s Pharsa and Wise’s Roger. The risky play proved to be effective, giving way for the rest of Bren to take down the remaining towers and eventually the base inhibitor.

Player of the week: Aura PH’s Jaypee

In Aura PH’s final game against Execration, Jaypee showcased his elaborate playmaking skills with the reworked Yi Sun-shin.

With a sneaky teleport made by Rafflesia and his Luo Yi, Jaypee’s YSS initiated the Lord ambush with a Mountain Shocker right on top of EXE and took out Bennyqt’s Masha. Jaypee cleaned up the final fight with two more kills by using Traceless on Hate’s Harith and S4gitnu’s Balmond, ending the game with a 12/2/9 KDA.


Group A

  1. Aura PH (2-0)
  2. Blacklist Intl (1-1)
  3. Nexplay Solid (1-1)
  4. Execrationg (0-1)
  5. Blu Fire (0-2)

Group B

  1. Onic PH (1-1)
  2. Bren Esports (1-0)
  3. Cignal Ultra (1-0)
  4. Omega (1-0)
  5. BSB (0-2)

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