MPL ID Season 6 is already halfway through the season with four weeks of intense competition already in the books.

Onic Esports, Bigetron Alpha, and Alter Ego have been the standouts so far, while last year’s powerhouses, RRQ Hoshi, and EVOS Legends continue to struggle.

Onic has totally dominated during the first half of the season. The arrival of Sanz in the roster provided extra strength for the team to stand out against the best teams in the league. Out of seven matches, the only team capable of silencing Onic was Alter Ego with a narrow score of 1-2. These results make Onic still in power at the top of the standings with 9 points.

Bigetron Alpha and Alter Ego’s performances also deserve their own spotlight. Both teams have only lost twice each and have now collected 5 points, meaning that they still have a solid chance of overtaking Onic in the second half.

At the bottom of the rankings, we have Genflix Aerowolf, Aura Fire, and Geek Fam ID. While Genflix is staying afloat with a few wins here and there, Geek Fam ID and Aura Fire are stuck between a rock and hard place.

With a negative point deficit in their current record (-9 for GEEK and -7 for AURA), the teams should expect slim chances of getting into the season 6 playoffs.

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