Anime skins are undeniably among the most sought-after skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Whether it’s the Saint Seiya or Jujutsu Kaisen, numerous players have invested thousands of diamonds to see their beloved anime characters in the Land of Dawn.

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There is a particular hero in the game who is fortunate enough to boast multiple anime skins. This could be a good reason to try out and master this hero if you haven’t already.

Here’s why this unlikely fighter hero in MLBB has more than one iconic anime skin

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight skin for August 2023, Eternal Guardian Yin
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Moonton Games opens 2024 with a collaboration between Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Attack on Titan, featuring three exclusive skins — Eren Jaeger Yin, Levi Ackermann Martis, and Mikasa Ackermann Fanny.

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One notable revelation is the addition of the Eren Jaeger Yin skin. This marks a surprising development, for the fighter hero now boasts two anime skins.

Previously, Yin received the Yuji Itadori skin in the game’s Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration just a year ago.

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This means that the fighter hero now has two iconic anime skins, more than any other hero in the game.

Both anime series, animated by the popular Japanese-based studio MAPPA, are currently among the most-watched Shonen anime.

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Moonton’s decision to award the standout collaboration skin to this specific hero might be rooted in player popularity.

Despite not being a frequent choice in professional play, the Martial Genius is one of the most-played fighter heroes in the game. According to MLBB stats, he holds the 19th position in popularity with a 1.42% pick rate out of 124 heroes in Season 31.

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