Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s latest anime skin collaboration will have you reaching for the stars and your wallet.

The MLBB Saint Seiya skins feature Badang, Valir, and Chou. These heroes will have Bronze and Gold Saint skins each, amounting to six skins in total in this collaboration.

The Bronze Saints, the lowest Saints class, wear their signature bronze armor with intricate designs. The Gold Saints are the best of the best, and don solid gold armors that represent their chosen constellation.

Here’s the full list of MLBB heroes and their Saint Seiya skins.

MLBB Saint Seiya skins details and how to obtain them

Saint Seiya skins collaboration initial assets in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang advanced server
Credit: Moonton
BadangPegasus SeiyaSagittarius Seiya
ChouDragon ShiryuLibra Shiryu
ValirPhoenix IkkiLeo Ikki

The MLBB Saint Seiya skins event will run from October 24 to November 23. Players can obtain these time-limited skins, along with other in-game rewards in a draw event, similar to the Kung Fu Panda collaboration.

Participating in the draw will allow you receive rewards such as a Badge of Victory, which can be exchanged for exclusive recalls, spawns, kill animations, and the Gold Saint skins. You will need 800 badges to obtain one Gold Saint skin.

Pegasus Seiya Badang is guaranteed in the first 10 draws. Dragon Shiryu and Phoenix Ikki costs 1288 diamonds and will be available for for purchase in the in-game shop starting October 27 and November 3 respectively.

There will also be two recharge phases for the event, where players can get free draws by completing tasks such as logging into the game or recharging a specific amount of diamonds. The first phase will start on October 29.

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