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A staggering US$1,000,000 prize pool is up for grabs in this year’s Games of the Future 2024 MLBB tournament.

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This tournament will be held in Russia and will feature some of the strongest Mobile Legends teams in the world, including M5 grand finalists AP Bren and ONIC Esports.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the Games of the Future 2024 MLBB, covering its schedule, results, format, qualified teams, and where to watch.

What is Games of the Future 2024 MLBB?

Games of the Future 2024 MLBB logo
Credit: Games of the Future

Games of the Future is an international multi-game event that incorporates a blend of physical and esports competitions.

Among the featured titles in its roster is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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Teams from various corners of the globe will participate in the tournament, which is scheduled to take place in Kazan, Russia, from February 23 to March 3.

Tournament format

In the group stage, four sets of four teams participate in a modified GSL format, where all matches are played in a best-of-three format.

The leading team from each group progresses to the second round of the playoffs, while the second-placed team advances to the first stage. The bottom two teams from each group are eliminated from the competition.

In the playoffs, teams face off in a single-elimination format, with each game being a best-of-three, except for the grand final, which is a best-of-five.

Burmese GhoulsAP BrenBlacklist InternationalBURN X Flash
Deus VultHomeBoisFire Flux EsportsKeepbest Gaming
RRQ HoshiS2G EsportsNiightmare EsportsONIC Esports
Team LilgunTwisted MindsRoyal Cybersports ClubTeam Flash

Schedule and results

AP Bren lifting the M5 World Championship trophy
Credit: ONE Esports

The group stage is scheduled from February 26 to 27, with the playoffs running from February 28 to March 2.

The playoffs will unfold at the Kazan Expo.

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February 26

Opening matches

RRQ Hoshi7 p.m. GMT+8Team LilGun
S2G Esports7 p.m. GMT+8Twisted Minds
Burmese Ghouls8:50 p.m. GMT+8Deus Vult
HomeBois8:50 p.m. GMT+8AP Bren
Royal Cybersports Club10:40 p.m. GMT+8Niightmare Esports
BURN X Flash10:40 p.m. GMT+8KeepBest Gaming
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February 27

Opening matches

Fire Flux Esports12:30 a.m. GMT+8Blacklist International
Team Flash12:30 a.m. GMT+8ONIC Esports

Winners matches

TBD8:50 p.m. GMT+8TBD
TBD8:50 p.m. GMT+8TBD

Elimination matches

TBD7 p.m. GMT+8TBD
TBD7 p.m. GMT+8TBD
TBD10:40 p.m. GMT+8TBD
TBD10:40 p.m. GMT+8TBD

February 28

Opening matches

TBD12:30 a.m. GMT+8TBD
TBD12:30 a.m. GMT+8TBD

(Subject to change — to be updated)

Participating teams

Team Lilgun poses for a photo during M5 Media Day
Credit: Moonton Games

A total of sixteen teams will participate in the event. While some will receive direct invitations, others undergone a qualifier process to secure their slots.

AP BrenPhilippinesDirect invite
Blacklist InternationalPhilippinesDirect invite
ONIC EsportsIndonesiaDirect invite
RRQIndonesiaDirect invite
KeepBest GamingChinaDirect invite
Royal Cybersports ClubRussiaPhygital Games 3 Qualifier
Team LilgunMongoliaPhygital Games 9 Qualifier
Deus VultRussiaPhygital Games 10 Qualifier
Team FlashSingaporeDirect Invite
Blacklist InternationalPhilippinesDirect Invite
HomeBoisMalaysiaDirect Invite
Twisted MindsSaudi ArabiaDirect Invite
Burmese GhoulsMyanmarDirect Invite
Niightmare EsportsLaosDirect Invite
Fire Flux EsportsTurkeyDirect Invite
S2G EsportsTurkeyDirect Invite
BURN X FlashCambodiaDirect Invite

Where to watch?

All the games will be streamed live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official platforms:

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