Rising from the halls of the Necrokeep, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage Faramis aims to uncover the secrets of life and death by experiencing the curse of the Mist for himself.

His abilities allow him to initiate fights and deal sustainable Magic Damage, making him an effective midlaner. The Soul Binder stands out because of his unique area-of-effect sustain spell that can single-handedly dictate the outcome of fights.

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This makes him an exceptional hero pick compatible with many hero compositions, and a highly-contested hero in both ranked games and in professional play.

In this ONE Esports guide, we will dive deeper into his abilities, strategies, and the best build to maximize his potential.

Faramis’ skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Vicious Retrieval

Every few seconds, Faramis’s next skill against enemy heroes and summoned objects generates a soul fragment on the spot.

Faramis can absorb the soul fragment to restore HP and gain extra Magic Power.

Upon death, he consumes the absorbed soul fragments to reduce the respawn timer, each reducing the timer by a percentage. Enemies that die around Faramis also have a chance to drop soul fragments.

  • This ability gives you great scaling and utility.
  • While the hero has initially low HP and Magic Power, killing enemy minions and heroes will allow you to stay longer in fights and deal more damage over time.
  • Outside of HP and Magic Power, the reduction in the respawn timer is crucial, especially in the late game when death timers are longer.

First skill – Shadow Stampede

Faramis enters the Shadow state for a couple of seconds, gaining extra Movement Speed, Physical and Magical Defense, increased soul fragment absorption range. He also gains and the ability to move through terrain.

Enemy heroes that come into contact with Faramis in this state are dealt Magic Damage and applied with a Nether Mark. Each enemy hero hit also reduces this skill’s cooldown.

Upon leaving the Shadow state, Faramis pulls all the marked enemy heroes toward him, dealing them Magic Damage. Use Again: Faramis leaves the Shadow state early and pulls marked enemies toward him.

  • Use this ability offensively to initiate fights and poke enemies. After charging towards them, move back to your side of the map and tap on the ability again to pull them.
  • Alternatively, you can use this ability defensively. The Movement Speed boost and ability to cross the terrain allow you to escape sticky situations.

Second skill – Ghost Bursters

Faramis gathers Nether energy in a fan-shaped area ahead, dealing Magic Damage to enemies within. The energy will then split and bounce to nearby enemies, dealing Magic Damage (splits up to a number of times on enemy hero hits and a time on non-enemy hero hits).

  • This is your primary damage ability so max this skill first.
  • Use this to clear the waves and deal damage to enemy heroes. The skill’s damage output is increased when you have more soul fragments.

Ultimate – Cult Altar

Faramis turns his surroundings into the Nether Realm for a duration, gaining increased soul fragment absorption range while granting affected allied heroes, including himself, extra HP and Movement Speed for a second.

When the extra HP is depleted, the hero will enter a brief Resurrection state, becoming unable to move or attack but immune to damage for a duration.

  • Faramis’ ultimate is one of the best in the game in terms of team utility. Activate this ability to give your teammates a buffer when they have low health.
  • This skill has a high cooldown, so use it wisely. Prioritize using this when your enemy jungler or gold laner is in danger.
  • Make sure to build cooldown reduction items to maximize this skill’s effects in the game.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Faramis in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage Faramis recommended battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Whether you play Faramis as a midlaner or roamer, your Cult Altar ultimate is just too strong to ignore. As such, you will likely be the first one targeted by the enemy to force an untimely usage of this skill. In this situation, Purify will give you more insurance.

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The battle spell will help remove most of crowd-control effects in the game, buying you time to retreat using Shadow Stampede. In certain instances, you can use the debuff effects to get into the thick of fights and activate the Cult Altar.

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Flicker is another good battle spell to equip the Soul Binder. This spell gives you better utility and mobility, especially in moments when you need to instantly be in position to activate your skills. Defensively, this can be used to escape sticky situations.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage Faramis recommended emblem setup
Credit: ONE Esports

Faramis is not a very mobile hero. As such, Agility can impact his gameplay greatly. The boost in mobility will get you in position to activate your skills.

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Wilderness Blessing provides the same effect. The bonus movement speed in the jungle and river areas will help you support other lanes and respond to objective-takes faster.

For your main talent, take Lethal Ignition. When equipped, dealing damage greater than a percentage of an enemy hero’s max HP for a number of times within a few seconds will scorch the target for an additional adaptive damage.

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This means that when you successfully land Ghost Bursters and Shadow Stampede repeatedly, they will be inflicted with scorch damage.

Faramis best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage Faramis best build
Credit: ONE Esports

In terms of item build, focus on getting cooldown reduction, mana regeneration and Magic Power items for Faramis. After Magic Shoes, prioritize getting Enchanted Talisman to benefit from the HP, cooldown reduction, and Magic Power stats.

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What you want from here is the mana regeneration effects since this will mean that you will have more uptime in the midlane.

After that, build up your Magic Power. Lightning Truncheon is a key item for the Soul Binder as the equipment’s passive, Resonate, helps boost his Magic Damage output tremendously.

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Get Glowing Wand to add more scorch damage, Divine Glaive for Magic Penetration, and round out your build with Holy Crystal for the insane Magic Power.

The best build for Faramis in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Shoes
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Glowing Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Holy Crystal

Tips and easy combos to learn

As Faramis, stick with your team as you’re most effective in team fights. Initiate battles with Shadow Stampede, making contact with the enemy and moving back to pull them. Follow it up with Ghost Bursters for more damage output.

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Cult Altar, when timed right, can help turn things around in engagements. Position yourself in the middle of fights, proximal to teammates with low HP.

Faramis’ main weakness is his lower base defense, making him susceptible to burst damage. Stay vigilant of enemy assassins and marksmen who can quickly take you down. Use Purify when caught with crowd-control spells and position yourself strategically during fights to avoid being targeted.

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