Genflix Aerowolf has done the unthinkable by eliminating defending champion RRQ Hoshi 2-1 in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 7 playoffs.

Despite Lemon making a surprise appearance, Genflix Aerowolf exemplified true grit and eliminated the King of Kings on the first day of playoffs.

After strong performances against the top four teams in the region such as RRQ Hoshi, Bigetron Alpha, ONIC Indonesia, and EVOS Legends in the regular season, Genflix Aerowolf have solidified their status as the dark horse going into the play-in stage.

In the first game, Genflix Aerowolf opted for an all around-lineup with Lapu-Lapu, Chou, Selena, and Granger. The lineup was successful as they were able to aggressively close out the game in a dominating fashion.

RRQ Hoshi fought back in game two to force a decider after Albertt stole the Lord at the 15-minute mark, which gave them the momentum to win the game 6 minutes later.

However, Genflix Aerowolf didn’t let game two get in their head, as they were able to dominate the decider with the combined firepower of Rinazmi’s Paquito and Bottle’s Ling.

In a post-match interview, Genflix support Deden “Clay” Mohamed admitted they were very confident they will get the series win against RRQ Hoshi.

“We all want to beat them because Lemon is playing. RRQ Hoshi is used to playing in the upper bracket, so they might be tense in this game since everything is on the line,” he said.

This is the first time Genflix Aerowolf has won a series in the play-in stage ever since the franchise system was implemented, making it a monumental win for the organization.

Genflix Aerowolf is now in the lower bracket after losing to EVOS Legends the following game. They will next face the loser of the match between ONIC Indonesia and Bigetron Alpha today, May 1.

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