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If you are looking for a challenge in the midlane, mage hero Chang’e is an excellent hero to try out.

The hero deals a ton of damage in the late game and has impeccable pushing abilities once she gets her core items. She is also difficult to take down, as most of her skills deal damage from afar, including her ultimate, Meteor Shower.

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The only downside is that she is hard to play. All of her damaging skills are skill shots and require practice. As such, the best way to counter her is to play mobile heroes who can dodge skill shots.

Here are three heroes you can try out if you are up against the mage hero in ranked.

3 hero counters to Chang’e in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Joy is a mage who likes to move it, move it.

The hero can quickly dash four times, dealing damage in the process, which makes it difficult for Chang’e to land Meteor Shower and Starmoon Shockwave.

Joy’s ultimate, Electrifying Beats, also removes slow immunity, which is beneficial if the Moon Palace Immortal already has an Ice Queen Wand.

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Going for a mix of offensive and defensive items on Joy is always a good idea if you are in the midlane. The key here is to harass Chang’e in the laning phase and bait her into using her Meteor Shower prematurely. Once the ultimate’s duration is over, dash towards her and cast Electrifying Beats to get a kill, or force her to recall.


Selena is also another hero who has a lot of mobility. Although a lot harder to play compared to Joy, she’s slightly more effective because she can stun Chang’e in place with Abyssal Arrow.

Since the Moon Palace Immortal doesn’t have any dash or mobility skills, it will be a lot easier to land the arrow for the easy kill.

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Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports
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If you haven’t played Selena much before, it’s advisable to start out in classic matches, as she is a difficult hero to learn. Once you get familiar with her skills and how to execute them, facing Chang’e in the midlane will be one of the easiest matchups in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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She might not be a mage hero, but tank hero Lolita is definitely the best counter to Chang’e.

Lolita can block Meteor Shower and Starmoon Shockwave with her second skill, Guardian’s Bulwark. What’s more, she can cast Guardian’s Bulwark again to deal damage based on how much damage she absorbed. The shield blocks all damage, rendering Change’s skill set useless in team fights.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Impish Trickster Lolita skin wallpaper with link about best counters to her
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports
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If you really want to give Chang’e a hard time, build Radiant Armor to completely negate the damage of most of her skills. If you time and position Guardian’s Bulwark carefully in every encounter, Chang’e won’t be able to come online in the mid to late game.

Whenever Chang’e is picked by the enemy team, select Lolita, period.

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