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Silvanna is one of the most versatile heroes you can play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, having the ability to fill multiple roles due to her ability to deal mixed physical and magical damage.

Her crowd-control ability, Cometic Spear, paired with her ultimate, Imperial Justice, makes her a potent initiator, while Spiral Strangling allows her to deal AoE damage and heal herself for each enemy hit, providing reliable damage and sustain.

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This is why it’s no surprise that most players, when pitted against the powerful fighter-mage, almost always opt for battle spell Purify to break free from her vicious grip.

That said, there are heroes who can counter her presence on the battlefield even without this battle spell. These heroes expose her vulnerability to burst damage and punish her hardest for mispositioning.

Three best heroes to use against Silvanna


One of the best heroes you can pick when faced with Silvanna on the battlefield is the mage, Kadita who has high burst damage and has the ability to dodge as well as initiate attacks.

The Ocean Goddess’s first skill, Ocean Oddity, not only gives her immunity but also allows her to dodge the enemy’s crowd control abilities, particularly Silvanna’s ultimate, Imperial Justice, neutralizing one of her major strengths.

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In addition, Kadita’s second skill, Breath of the Ocean, deals significant area-of-effect (AoE) magic damage, which can quickly whittle down the fighter-mage’s health bar, especially since she tends to be vulnerable to burst damage.

This damage potential is further amplified by Kadita’s ultimate, Rough Waves, which can deal massive damage over time to enemies within its range.

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One of the main reasons why Akai should be among your choices to counter Silvanna is the tank’s ultimate skill, Heavy Spin. This ability allows you to control the movement of enemies around you, especially against this fighter-mage who excels in close combat.

By using your ultimate, you can disrupt her attempt to pin you down and disarm her, even when she lands the Imperial Justice ultimate on you.

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Akai’s durability is another significant factor that makes him a strong counter to Silvanna. When you cast a skill, you gain a shield equal to a certain percentage of your HP thanks to his Tai Chi passive.

Your first skill Headbutt, lets him leap into the fray and knock the enemy fighter airborne. Body Slam on the other end, gives you the ability to deal damage and slow her down. This combination of damage and light crowd control can impact the enemy’s effectiveness in team fights.


If you want to counter Silvanna using a support hero, Diggie is it.

The hero’s primary strength over the fighter-mage lies in his ultimate skill, Time Journey, which grants him and nearby allies immunity to crowd control effects for a short duration. This directly negates the Imperial Knightess’ ultimate.

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When using Diggie, your Time Bomb ability also allows you to zone out enemies and disrupt enemy positioning. This can be particularly useful against Silvanna, who often needs to be in close proximity to her enemies to maximize her damage output.

Moreover, your second skill, Reverse Time, can slow her down, making it harder for her to engage or disengage from fights. This gives you and your team more control over the pace and positioning of battles, further diminishing the opposing hero’s impact.

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