Tank heroes that are currently rated in the highest tier in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are limited. The recent patches nerfed a handful of tanks, and created an imbalance in the tank pool.

These imbalances can be seen in the competitive scene. Very few pure tanks are actually picked and used. Moreover, the current meta hasn’t stabilized, and initiating tanks seem much less effective than before.

Previously, tanks like the Khufra and Atlas were still used quite often, but due to the changes implemented in the last few patches, eventually the two of them have fallen out of popularity.

Credit: Moonton

Instead, Hilda and Jawhead are now top priorities. Their ability to cause a riot with their abilities is highly valued. Hilda is extremely strong in the early game even with a tank build, while Jawhead’s crowd control ability is best for picking off enemies.

Who else is being picked in the tank role? Akai and Tigreal too, entered the top tier of flagship tanks, alongside a surprising choice — Silvanna.

Tank Silvanna isn’t groundbreaking. The first time she was played as a tank was when Kyy of Bigetron Alpha used her in MPL ID Season 5. In that season, no one else chose Silvanna. It was not until recently that tank Silvanna appeared again at the ONE Esports MPL Invitational. Alter Ego’s tank player, Leomurphy, played her very well.

There are several things that make Silvanna shine with potential to enter S-tier in the competitive scene. Firstly, she has a very effective instant stun. Using her first skill, Cometic Lance, she strikes with her lance, stunning the first enemy hit. She can then choose to dash to the opponent, or move backwards. This gives her the ability to weave in and out of fights, harassing opponents with unexpected stuns.

Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Like Hilda, Silvanna is an early game hero who hurts even without items. When built like a tank, she can harass enemies to the maximum. After all, her passive Knightess’ Resolve marks enemies, which allows her to deal an additional 30 percent damage at max stacks.

Her ultimate, Imperial Justice, is very unique. Many players don’t realize how special this ability is, and as a result, opt not to take Purify. Imperial Justice locks up an opponent for a certain duration, which guarantees a kill. Usually, tank Silvanna will choose a prime target for her team, and allow the cores to finish off the kill.

Built as hybrid tank, Silvannn’s diverse crowd control abilities make her the perfect initiator. She’s good to go once you have at least one defensive item, as it is easy her to poke and run whilst dealing a decent amount of damage.

Are you ready to tear up the battlefield with tank Silvanna?

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