M5 World Champions AP Bren has officially confirmed their chosen hero to co-design with Moonton Games as the recipient of the M5 Champion skin.

After clinching the M-series trophy last December 2023, the Filipino team was granted a chance to pick a hero to be given a commemorative skin as a perk for winning the biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament of the year.

In 2019, M1 World Champions EVOS Legends picked Harith to receive the special skin. Bren Esports and Blacklist International selected Lancelot and Estes to get the championship skin after their triumphs in M2 and M3, respectively.

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Most recently, ECHO chose Chou to get their commemorative skin after winning M4.

AP Bren chose Brody for the M5 Champion Skin, Paquito to receive FMVP skin

AP Bren picks Brody for the M5 Champion Skin
Credit: Moonton Games

AP Bren has confirmed that marksman hero Brody will get the M5 Champion skin.

The marksman was a crucial part of AP Bren’s success in the M5 series says Jab Escutin, Director of AP Bren.

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“This hero has helped our team consistently and ultimately helped retain the PH era of MLBB. We want this hero to represent our team’s success inside the game and for our fans to be part of that success by owning the skin and enjoying it,” he added.

More than the M5 Champion skin, Moonton also announced that M5 Finals MVP David “FlapTzy” Canon will co-design the first-ever FMVP skin for the hero, Paquito.

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Inspired by the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, Paquito mirrors his aggressive yet strategic gameplay says Canon.

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He expressed his honor in being the first to receive such recognition, highlighting the skin’s significance in representing his playstyle.

MOONTON Games and AP Bren are finalizing the details for both the M5 Champion skin and the FMVP skin, with a launch planned for September 2024.

AP Bren’s journey in the M5 World Championship

AP Bren's winning moment at the M5 World Championship
Credit: Moonton Games

AP Bren started their spectacular run by capturing the MPL Philippines Season 12 crown.

The Hive displayed magnificent macro control and sharp micro plays to conclude their regular season campaign at second place, before pounding teams in the playoffs en route to the grand final.

They showed complete mastery over crowd-favorites Blacklist International in the finals, 4-1, to take home their second MPL PH title and the ticket to M5 World Championship.

They’re back! AP Bren conquers MPL PH Season 12 in intense grand final

The team wasted no time in proving why they are the Filipino champions at M5.

AP Bren made light work of Group C, finishing the Group Stage with an unblemished 3-0 record.

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In the Knockout Stage, the Filipino champions were forced to take a slight detour when they got swept by ONIC Esports, 3-0, in the upper bracket finals.

This resulted in an MPL PH S12 Grand Finals rematch with Blacklist in the lower bracket Finals. AP Bren showed the agents the door in a 3-0 sweep to set up a rubber match with the Hedgehogs in the grand finals.

In the final match, both teams showed why they were champions of their respective regions.

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But it was AP Bren’s mastery of the macro game that allowed them to raise the M-Series trophy after seven grueling games, retaining the crown for the Philippines for the fourth consecutive year.

This is the organization’s second M-Series trophy following their M2 World Championship victory in January 2021.

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