The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League ID Season 7 has concluded last Sunday, with EVOS Legends being hailed as the champion after defeating Bigetron Alpha in a nail-biting series, 4-2.

Despite the loss, Bigetron Alpha showed off one of the most unique picks in the Grand Finals, opting for Hayabusa in the support role.

Hayabusa is a solid pick mostly as a jungler. His mobility and early damage work wonders in the current meta. Some players also opt to play him in the EXP lane as he also excels at poking enemies in the laning phase.

However, a support Hayabusa is something we don’t see often as he doesn’t have any crowd control abilities compared to most supports in the current meta.

Renbo’s unique support Hayabusa

Hayabusa, who was locked in by Renbo, was used in the third game to counter EVOS Legend’s Clover’s Wanwan and Ferxiic’s Ling. His ultimate, Ougi: Shadow Kill, turns him invulnerable, making him a hard target for late-game scaling marksmen such as Wanwan.

The unique pick was a success, as he was able to pin down Wanwan all throughout the game. He made it a habit to constantly rotate in Wanwan’s lane to assert pressure and stop her from snowballing early.

It also gave his team mates a lot of opportunity to either farm or push towers in other lanes. Hayabusa’s mobility made it hard for EVOS Legends to rotate freely in the map.

At the end of the match, Bigetron Alpha won the game in a landslide. Wanwan finished with a 0/5/3 thanks to the valiant effort of Renbo’s Hayabusa who had a stellar 10/4/3 KDA.

Stat score for game 3 between Bigetron Alpha and EVOS Legends at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia Season 7
Photo grabbed by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

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