Countless nerfs on Wanwan didn’t stop Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales and the rest of AURA Philippines from securing a much-needed series win against M2 world champion Bren Esports in the fourth week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League PH Season 7.

Bren Esports, who had a solid start this week after defeating Blacklist International, were the favorite to win against AURA Philippines.

However, AURA Philippines had a few surprises up their sleeve. They ran a three-assassin lineup of Benedetta, Lancelot, and Natalia in game one, which resulted in a 23-12 blowout.

They also put Wanwan in the side lane, who was a big contributor to their game three win.

Credit: Moonton

Wanwan was once a formidable marksman in pro play up until her nerf in patch 1.5.62, which greatly reduced Tiger Pace’s strength.

She has been picked only seven times so far in MPL PH. Out of those seven, four resulted in victory. Still, this didn’t stop Bennyqt from locking in the Agile Tiger.

In a post-match interview, AURA PH coach Michael “Arcadia” Bocado spoke about the team’s mindset going into the decider, “We talked about our mistakes in game two, and we did the necessary adjustments to recover in game three.”

After Bren Esports won game two in a 9-3 beating, they decided to spice things up by drafting an Alpha-Angela duo. AURA PH answered back with a last pick Wanwan to outmaneuver them.

The game was a stalemate up until AURA Philippines killed four members of Bren Esports at the 12-minute mark, leaving only Selena to defend their base in the top lane.

With that, five members of AURA ran it down the top lane to quickly put an end to the series.

Bennyqt held a perfect 2/0/11 KDA on Wanwan, and was hailed the MVP of the match.

AURA Philippines (6-2) is now tied with Work Auster Force (5-4) for the top spot in Group A with 16 points. Bren Esports remains fourth in the same group (5-5) with 15 points.

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