You may not be a support main, you may not even want to purchase Milio from the store, but as long as you play League of Legends, there’s one important thing you need to take note of about this champion: his ultimate is game-changing.

Just like other ranged enchanter supports — who happen to be all female before Milio’s introduction — he has the ability to buff allies, heal them, increase their movement speed, knockback, and slow enemy champions. These skills are nothing new, and exist in various forms in the current support roster.

However, there are two incredible things Milio does which will have a big impact in-game — he can increase an ally’s attack range and cleanse crowd control in an AOE.

Milio has a stacked ability kit, but still possesses traditional weaknesses of a squishy enchanter support

Milio's abilities use the fuemigo
Credit: Riot Games

The League of Legends community, upon hearing the rumors and leaks, were quick to label Milio as “another Lulu” on the Rift, mainly because he’s equally slippery and functions as a support who focuses on giving buffs to others rather than utilizing them himself, relying on his team to deal damage.

Sure they’re both shielders, but according to Riot Games game designer Myles “Riot Emizery” Salholm, Milio “pushes the bounds” because he is able to shield more than one target with Warm Hugs (E) and has two spells that give heals.

His ability to peel for his allies is also different compared to Lulu’s Polymorph, where enemy champions stay within range, Riot Emizery explained.

Milio's Q Ultra Mega Fire Kick
Credit: Riot Games

Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q) knocks back enemies, so you can push someone away if they jump on your AD carry. In addition, combo it with Cozy Campfire (W) for extra safety, as it increases your marksman’s range.

Some of his best duo lane partners are therefore champions who already have a range advantage, such as Caitlyn, Kog’Maw with W, and Aphelios with Calibrum, said Riot Emizery.

On top of this, his ultimate, Breath of Life, heals and remove crowd control effects from allies in an area of effect, effectively a Cleanse and Mikael’s Blessing packaged in a reverse Neeko Pop Blossom ultimate.

Because it is so powerful, expect it to have a long cooldown, similar to Renata Glasc’s ultimate.

Milio abilities showing his ultimate, Breath of Life
Credit: Riot Games

Strategically, you’ll want to pick Milio to counter specific AOE ultimates such as Amumu.

His AOE healing is especially useful in long team fights, for he’ll be able to keep his team together and keep them going, especially in the late game, Riot Emizery added.

When will Milio be released?

Milio hit the live servers on March 22.

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