EXO member Baekyun is a hardcore League of Legends player, and he recently had the chance to meet his favorite player of them all, SKT’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

On May 23, the k-pop idol uploaded his third vlog on his YouTube channel which shows a trip with fellow EXO member Kai to an SKT 5G launch, and while Baekhyun is usually the charming k-pop idol, he let his fanboy side take over when he found out that he was going to see the legend in person.

In the vlog, he timidly asked his manager to record him meeting Faker backstage. The two exchanged greetings and did their best at awkward small talk.

“I’m a fan,” Baekhyun said shyly to the distinguished League of Legends professional. “You’re my favorite player.”

Faker smiled in response, looking like he was unsure how to respond.

According to the video captions, Baekhyun was dying to ask Faker for his number so that they could play League of Legends together, but it seems that Baekhyun was too starstruck and ended up just coughing during the awkward silence.

On the bright side, Baekhyun was still able to spend some time with Faker onstage as they played a VR shooting game. Baekhyun was initially going against Kai, but the hosts had the brilliant idea of switching Kai with Faker mid-game. Faker lost one round against Baekhyun, but he would later defeat him for the win. Regardless of his victory, Faker took time to appreciate Baekhyun’s impressive skills.

“Baekhyun is quite good at playing video games,” Faker said to his celebrity fan.

Perhaps there’s still a chance for Baekhyun to play LoL with his idol after all.

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