It’s happening! Esports and K-pop will collide in the upcoming T1 League of Legends song “Runner” with Korean artists Baekhyun, Changmo, and Raiden at the helm.

T1 dropped a 15-second teaser on their socials which opened with a silhouette of EXO’s main vocalist and Super M’s leader Baekhyun against a glowing T1 logo in red neon lights. The video then immediately cut to a clip of T1 top laner Kim “Canna” Chang-dong.

T1’s “Runner” will become the LCK team’s theme song this season, to be played during their entrances. It will tap into rock, trap, and EDM musical genres produced by EXO’s singer Baekhyun, rapper Changmo, and DJ Raiden.

This is a much-awaited collaboration especially for some T1 fans since some claim that Canna looks very much like Changmo, to which the pro player replied “At first I didn’t know, people around me kept saying that we look alike, so I thought… Maybe when I smile?”

Runner will premiere on January 26 and can be watched on streaming sites like Melon, Naver Music, and YouTube.

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