Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont has returned to Excel Esports, this time as a content creator.

The former LEC pro is now back with the org he once played for. According to their official announcement yesterday, “Caedrel will stream, create YouTube content and have a presence across EXCEL social channels alongside its four rosters of players.”

Caedrel returns to Excel Esports as a content creator

The announcement video of Caedrel’s return makes light of his previous experience as a pro player, depicting a scenario where he rejoins Excel Esports as their mid laner.

However, it quickly turns into a nightmare as he repeatedly feeds in his games, ending with him saying, “There’s no way I’ll ever go pro again”.

“Excel is where I started my professional career and I feel like my time there will always resonate with the community, so I am really excited to be returning,” Caedrel said in the announcement.

He confirmed that he’ll still be casting the LEC alongside his content creation endeavors. The 25-year-old streams on Twitch, broadcasting co-streams of the LCK and LPL, and plays solo queue ranked.

You can check out his Twitch livestream here.

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