We’ve seen Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends adapted into different mediums and genres — as a tabletop game, a graphic novel, and even a novella. After 11 years of building up its lore and universe, it’s about time that we get a League of Legends anime.

“Arcane” is the Riot Games’ first ever League of Legends animated series. The anime will star champions Jinx and Vi and dive a bit deeper into their backstories — how this pair of siblings grew up together in Zaun and how they acquired their powers.

So far, the only champions that have been confirmed for the anime are Jinx and Vi. Here are five other champions we want to see on the League of Legends anime:

5. Mage champion Seraphine as a street performer

League of Legends support champion Seraphine
Credit: Riot Games

Just based on the teasers and trailers alone, Arcane’s tone and setting fits the dark-adventure genre.

We know the bright and jolly Seraphine doesn’t really suit this mix, but we can see her making a cameo appearance as a street performer in Piltover. Riot Games likes putting these easter eggs, so a low-key Seraphine appearance in the League of Legends anime is not off the table.

4. Ekko as Jinx’s Zaun buddy

The very first League of Legends anime announcement trailer heavily showed the streets of Zaun, and we all know that’s Ekko’s territory.

The time manipulator, Ekko, would make an ideal side character in Arcane not just because of his gritty champion design, but also because Ekko seemed to have a one-sided crush on Jinx, according to his official voice line.

Will we finally witness how the Ekko x Jinx ship came to sail around Runeterra in this League of Legends anime?

3. Urgot as the antagonist

League of Legends, Urgot, Warriors 2020, Cinematic
Credit: Riot Games

Of course, every anime series needs a menacing villain, and we think the dreadnought Urgot should become Arcane’s.

Fans have seen his fearsome form in the League of Legends’ cinematic Warriors 2020 where he fought against Piltover’s bringers of justice, Caitlyn and Vi.

What’s more, Arcane’s setting could slowly build up Urgot’s revenge against Zaun, the land of his torturers, and Piltover, the city where he was imprisoned. Riot Games can even animate one of the scenes from Urgot’s lore:

“Starting a riot that ignited a chemtech vein within the mine, Urgot shook the city above, and cracked the prison open in an explosion that rivaled the birth of Zaun itself. Many prisoners died, with thousands fleeing into the Sump—but the worthy, as ever, survived.”

2. Marksman champion Caitlyn as Vi’s Piltover partner

League of Legends, Caitlyn, Warriors 2020, Cinematic
Credit: Riot Games

While it’s true that Arcane’s main characters are Jinx and Vi, we still want to see sheriff Caitlyn in action. She can grace the League of Legends anime as a supporting character to Vi.

We can envision both champions spicing up the later episodes with epic ranged-melee fighting scenes.

Caitlyn’s appearance in Arcane might, at long last, answer the question “Who’s the better marksman in League of Legends?” Place your bets now — Peacemaker or Fishbones?

1. Janna as the unexpected visitor

League of Legends, Janna, default
Credit: Riot Games

Now, it might seem farfetched to have the wind spirit Janna appear as a character in the League of Legends anime, in the middle of all the ruckus between Zaun and Piltover but hear us out.

At the beginning of Arcane’s announcement video, you can clearly see an airship gliding past young Vi and Jinx. We can see Janna guiding the ship to safety with her air magic. She could make a brief entrance to Arcane as a minor character, similar to Seraphine.

League of Legends’ Arcane anime will be released later this fall season on streaming platform Netflix.

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