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We’ve seen Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends adapted into different mediums and genres — as a tabletop game, a graphic novel, and even a novella. After years of building up its lore and universe, we finally got a League of Legends anime.

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Arcane is Riot Games’ first-ever League of Legends animated series. The first season starred champions Jinx and Vi and discussed their backstories — how this pair of siblings grew up together in Zaun and how they acquired their powers.

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With Arcane Season 2 in the works, we list down five existing League of Legends champions that we want to see in the series’ next chapter.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Arcane Season 1.

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5 champions we want to appear in Arcane Season 2

  • Mage champion Seraphine as a street performer
  • Ziggs as Jinx’s buddy
  • Urgot as the antagonist
  • Camille as the newest Hextech user in Piltover
  • Darius as Ambessa Medarda’s ally

Mage champion Seraphine as a street performer

League of Legends support champion Seraphine
Credit: Riot Games

We know the bright and jolly Seraphine doesn’t really suit Arcane’s dark tone and setting, but we can see her making a cameo appearance as a street performer in Piltover. Riot Games likes putting these easter eggs, so a low-key Seraphine appearance in the League of Legends anime is not off the table.

Ziggs as Jinx’s buddy

Ziggs splash art
Credit: Riot Games

After Silco died and her bond with Vi is shattered, it appears that Jinx is destined for solitude in the upcoming season. Yet, a glimmer of hope remains -– perhaps she will cross paths with a kindred spirit who shares her passion for explosives.

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Arcane Season 2 could delve into the budding companionship between Jinx and Ziggs, tracing the origins of their friendship and ushering in an era of volatility for Zaun.

Urgot as the antagonist

League of Legends, Urgot, Warriors 2020, Cinematic
Credit: Riot Games

Of course, every anime series needs a menacing villain, and we think the dreadnought Urgot should become Arcane’s.

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Fans have seen his fearsome form in the League of Legends’ cinematic Warriors 2020 where he fought against Piltover’s bringers of justice, Caitlyn and Vi.

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Credit: Funko
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What’s more, Arcane’s setting could slowly build up Urgot’s revenge against Zaun, the land of his torturers, and Piltover, the city where he was imprisoned. Riot Games can even animate this scene from Urgot’s lore:

“Starting a riot that ignited a chemtech vein within the mine, Urgot shook the city above and cracked the prison open in an explosion that rivaled the birth of Zaun itself. Many prisoners died, with thousands fleeing into the Sump — but the worthy, as ever, survived.”

Camille as the newest Hextech user in Piltover

Camille's League of Legends splash art
Credit: Riot Games

Having introduced the powers and combat capabilities of characters like Vi, Jayce, and Viktor, Arcane Season 2 is poised to deliver an exhibition of Hextech might.

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And who could be more fitting to join this Hex-plosive spectacle than Camille, a fusion of human and Hextech machinery? A distinguished operative hailing from the Ferros clan, Camille commands a Hextech-powered exosuit which grants her unparalleled strength and agility.

Darius as Ambessa Medarda’s ally

Darius in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

This list not only comprises champions from Piltover and Zaun but also extends to Noxus. The inclusion of Ambessa Medarda, Mel’s mother, has already ignited speculation among fans about the showrunners’ plans to explore other regions, such as Noxus, in the unfolding narrative.

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With Darius holding a prominent position within The Empire, it becomes plausible that he might have connections with the warlord and stateswoman, Ambessa, potentially leading to his appearance as her ally in Arcane Season 2.

The official poster and wallpaper for League of Legends animated series "Arcane".
Credit: Riot Games

So far, champions Warwick, Orianna, and Janna have been confirmed to be included in Arcane Season 2.

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Arcane is a Netflix series spanning nine episodes that took six years in the making. Backed by an initial budget of US$2,000, this project was led by showrunners Christian Linke and Alex Yee.

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Shortly after its debut, the series secured an impressive array of accolades, including nine Annie Awards and an Emmy.

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Viewers and League of Legends fans can catch Arcane Season 1 and, soon, Season 2 on the streaming platform Netflix.

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