Riot Games, Fortiche Productions, and Netflix’s League of Legends anime Arcane is still making headlines months after its release.

The critically-acclaimed series dominated the 49th Annual Annie Awards, a body that recognizes the best shows and movies in the field of animation.

Arcane explores Vi and Jinx’s backstories and lore — how they lived and survived inside the City of Iron and Glass, and how they will eventually gain their powers. Since its release late last year, the show has received nothing but high praises from iconic personalities in the gaming community including Japanese video game designer and director Hideo Kojima.

Arcane tops Annie Awards, besting other Netflix titles Love, Death + Robots, Maya and the Three, and more

Arcane was indeed a masterpiece and the Annie Awards strongly agrees. The show took home a total of nine awards in this year’s virtual event, pulling off a clean sweep by winning all of its nominations.

Awards include Best Writing featuring creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee, and Best Voice Acting by Jinx’s voice actress, Ella Purnell.

Arcane at the Annie Awards 2022
Credit: Riot Games

Winners were voted through secret online ballots by members and patrons of the ASIFA-Hollywood Professional, an American non-profit organization that aims to promote the art of film animation.

Here is the full list of Arcane’s Annie Awards winnings and the production staff behind it.

Best TV/MediaAct 2, Episode 6 — When These Walls Come Tumbling Down
Best FX Act 3, Episode 8 — Oil and Water by Fortiche Productions featuring Guillaume Degroote, Aurélien Ressencourt, Martin Touzé, Frédéric Macé, Jérôme Dupré
Best Character AnimationAct 3, Episode 9 — The Monster You Created featuring Léa Chervet
Best Character Design Act 1, Episode 2 — Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved featuring Evan Monteiro
Best Direction Act 3, Episode 9 — The Monster You Created featuring Pascal Charue, Arnaud Delord, Barthelemy Maunoury
Best Production DesignAct 2, Episode 4 — Happy Progress Day! featuring Julien Georgel, Aymeric Kevin, Arnaud Baudry
Best StoryboardingAct 2, Episode 6 — When These Walls Come Tumbling Down featuring Simon Andriveau
Best Voice Acting Act 2, Episode 6 — When These Walls Come Tumbling Down featuring Ella Purnell as Jinx
Best WritingAct 3, Episode 9 — The Monster You Created featuring Christian Linke, Alex Yee

The complete list of the 49th Annie Awards winners can be viewed on the body’s website.

After the season finale, Riot Games announced that Arcane Season 2 is already in production. However, no specific release date has been set for Season 2, so fans would have to wait for a bit longer to find out what happens next in the League of Legends anime series.

Viewers can watch Season 1 on Netflix.

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