Several Arcane Jinx cosplays have left an impression on the League of Legends community.

One look like it jumped straight out of the Netflix anime series, while another took her League of Legends cosplay to the next level with a frame-by-frame skit.

This time around, HaneAme wowed fans with her incredibly detailed Arcane Jinx cosplay.

HaneAme replicates official League of Legends splash art through her Arcane Jinx cosplay

HaneAme might just be one of the most dedicated and hardworking cosplayers in the industry.

Her Arcane Jinx cosplay took the full five days to make, or roughly 120 hours. She also crafted all three of Jinx’s weapons, including the character’s rocket launcher Fishbones, her mini gun Pow-Pow, and her Zapper.

She also painted the background for the cosplay photoshoot, as seen from her Instagram account. One of her drawings included Jinx’s monkey graffiti as seen on episode 4 of the series.

We are totally in love with her recreation of the Arcane Jinx skin splash art, which shows the character above the Piltover bridge.

Additionally, she also cosplayed Jinx’s League of Legends version.

Aside from Jinx, HaneAme has also cosplayed other League of Legends champions such as K/DA Evelynn and Spirit Blossom Ahri.

Haneame's Arcane Jinx cosplay
Credit: HaneAme

You can check out more of her cosplays on her Twitter account.

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