Mondstadt’s Razor is incredibly useful — but only for one particular fight.

The Raiden Shogun trounce domain was introduced in Genshin Impact‘s V2.5 update as a material drop.

While trounce domains like La Signora and Azhdaha feature a pair of elements, Raiden Shogun slices through your party with only Electro damage. Furthermore, she increases her resistance as the fight goes on, making her a tough cookie to crack for the usual Melt and Vaporize compositions.

Noting the emphasis on Electro attacks and element resistance, Electro 4-star Razor rises as a prime pick for the trounce domain.

Why Razor is now viable in Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun trounce domain

Razor's Lightning Fang details in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports

The main reason why you should field Razor against Raiden Shogun is the 80% Electro resistance bonus provided by his elemental burst, Lightning Fang.

For players who don’t have exceptional shielders and healers like Zhongli or Diona, you’re often left defenseless against Shogun’s killer moves. The fight gets more even intense when she enters her Baleful Shadowlord form, which periodically drains your party’s energy.

Utilizing Lightning Fang, players can instantly quell 5,000 damage normal attacks down to below 1,000. On top of this solid defensive buff, the elemental burst increases Razor’s resistance to interruption, and doubles his damage output from Wolf Within’s Electro attacks.

Though it might be counterproductive to fight Electro with Electro, the Wolvendom native works best as a physical damage DPS who whacks away at the enemy. The only purpose of the elemental skill is to build energy so that Lightning Fang is always available as a defensive move rather than an offensive one.

One downside of Lightning Fang is that it only works when Razor is on the field, so be extremely careful when swapping characters during fight sequences. A misclick might cost you the life of a crucial party member.

Thundersoother and Tiny Miracle can amplify your elemental resistance

If you want to further build Razor like a tank, you can equip him with two artifact sets that passively boost his resistance.

Against Raiden Shogun, you can slap on a full four-piece Thundersoother artifact set, which grants 40% Electro resistance and 35% bonus damage to opponents affected by Electro. Since the Baleful Shadowlord form actively applies Electro on Raiden Shogun, you’ll be able to pack a bigger punch during the hardest part of the boss battle.

As a meatshield unit, Razor can equip a two-piece Tiny Miracle set, which grants 20% resistance to all elements. This build makes Razor a general DPS that can go up against multiple units that use different elements.

Bear in mind that your character’s resistance value will only scale by a percentage up to 75%. Once it passes 75%, the game fractions your excess resistance according to your resistance value, meaning that it’s impossible for you to negate 100% of enemy damage.

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