MiHoYo’s open world role-playing game Genshin Impact is not just a place where friendships are formed, for it’s also a place where couples take their relationship to the next level.

Filipino gamer Ronica Cabansag received the surprise of her life when her partner, Jerome Javillonar, initiated a marriage proposal in Genshin Impact itself.

Filipino gamers get engaged through a special marriage proposal in Genshin Impact

Filipina player shows off her engagement ring after her partner pulled off a marriage proposal in Genshin Impact
Credit: Ronica Cabansag

The marriage proposal happened in Javillonar’s bedroom, which was filled with balloons and electronic candles for the special occasion.

On his bed, he placed his laptop, which showed off his Serenitea Pot realm in Genshin Impact, which he specially designed for the proposal.

The couple’s favorite game is Genshin Impact, according to Cabansag.

“He let me play on his Serenitea Pot,” she said. “He created some obstacles and mazes in the game, and that’s where he wrote the things he wanted to say to me.”

Javillonar used hundreds of furnishings, hedges, and bushes to form his very romantic marriage proposal, which read:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Forever is real with you
Will you be my waifu?

Zhongli and Hu Tao in a marriage proposal featuring Genshin Impact
Credit: Ronica Cabansag

He then entered the bedroom, kneeled down, and asked Cabansag the magical question in real life. Laughing, she responded with a sweet “yes” to Javillonar.

The whole Serenitea Pot marriage proposal setup took about a month to make, especially since he needed to purchase a lot of supplies and farm materials in-game, according to Cabansag.

“This is how an extreme introvert proposes,” she explained on her Facebook post. “He planned and executed the whole thing all by himself.”

Genshin fans can watch the full proposal here.

Will we witness a Genshin Impact-themed wedding ceremony soon enough from these two?

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