Version 1.5 of Genshin Impact will bring with it Yanfei, a 4-star catalyst user who’s also a legal expert in Liyue Harbor.

While she mostly spends her time dishing out legal advice to Liyue residents, Genshin fans were able to see Yanfei’s fiery combat skills in her official release trailer:

If you’re planning to get Yanfei as a lawful member of your party, here’s everything you need to farm for her.


Pyro Regisvine

  • Located Southwest of Cuijue Slope
  • 1 Agnidus Agate Sliver
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Fragments
  • 9 Agnidus Agate Chunks
  • 6 Agnidus Agate Gemstones

Primo Geovishap

  • Located West of Tianqiu Valley
  • 46 Juvenile Jades

Noctilucous Jade

  • 168 Noctilucous Jades
  • Located around Mingyun Village

Treasure Hoarders (see sample farm routes above)

  • 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignias
  • 30 Silver Raven Insignias
  • 36 Golden Raven Insignias


Screenshot of Taishan Mansion Domain in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports


  • Located at the Dragon-Queller Tree (Only available in v1.5)
  • 18 Bloodjade Branches

Taishan Mansion on Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday

  • Located in Jueyun Karst
  • 9 Teachings of Gold
  • 63 Guides to Gold
  • 114 Philosophies of Gold

Treasure Hoarders

  • 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignias
  • 66 Silver Raven Insignias
  • 93 Golden Raven Insignias

Crown of Insight

  • 3 Crowns of Insight
  • Obtainable by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree to Level 11 and playing through Genshin Impact’s various limited-time events

Yanfei will make her first appearance along with the returning 5-star Zhongli on the Gentry of Hermitage banner in Genshin Impact v1.5.

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