Virtual YouTuber (vtuber for short) Kizuna AI is officially coming to Mediatonic’s party game, Fall Guys.

Japan’s most recognized vtuber has been transformed into the Fall Guy bean, and is a whole lot cuter. Still recognizable with her brown hair, white uniform, and of course her signature pink heart-shaped headband, players can get the full Fall Guys Kizuna AI costume set for 10 Crowns, or 5 Crowns each for the top and bottom pieces individually.

Kizuna AI herself is also hosting a gathering with some of the biggest names in the vtuber scene to compete at the very first Fall Guys Vtuber Tournament. Siro, Aoi, and the Omega Sisters are just some of the virtual personalities confirmed to participate in the Fall Guys Vtuber Tournament.

The competition will be streamed live on March 27 at 7:00 p.m. GMT+8 (8:00 p.m. JST) at A.I. Channel, one of Kizuna AI’s YouTube channels. The Kizuna AI Fall Guys costume will go live on the same day.

Kizuna AI has played a lot of Fall Guys on her other channel, A.I. Games. When she’s not playing games, Kizuna AI does all sorts of things like starring in her own music video or creating K-pop dance covers.

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