Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is ditching the golden rings for a shot at the precious golden crown.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic streamed a showcase match between their own team and Sega’s team. While the stream title did not give out any hints of what’s to come, the team’s lobby was evidently filled with Sonic-looking Fall Guys.

While Sonic is known for his lean and aerodynamic physique, the Fall Guy version of him comes out to be an undeniably chunkier version of the speedster, but luckily for us, the design team has kept Sonic’s trademark “one eye, two pupils” design.

After a few games, the developers eventually revealed the release and price of the Sonic costume on the stream, saying that the entire epic outfit would cost players 10 crowns.

While the Sonic Fall Guys costume seems to come out of the blue, Mediatonic has done its best to welcome every collaboration to its game, including the likes of Ninja and Half-Life.

Fall Guys recently started its medieval-themed second season and will continue to add more content such as skins and maps throughout the next few months.

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