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If you’re wanting to get into ESO Scribing but don’t know where to start, you’ve found the right guide.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG game that features a beautifully designed fantasy world where players can explore dungeons, fish, ride mounts, and save the world from hordes of evil Daedra.

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But perhaps the thing that sets The Elder Scrolls Online apart from other modern online games is its complex skill lines system. 

Every decision a player makes for their character often leads to the discovery of a new skill line, such as when choosing a race, class, weapon, armor, guild, and even when doing other things like blacksmithing and enchanting.

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And if you think that learning new abilities and spells in Tamriel isn’t enjoyable enough, you might want to consider trying to create skills yourself.

Yes, you’ve read it right. It’s now possible to make your very own skills in Elder Scrolls Online, thanks to a new feature called Scribing, which was introduced in the game’s Gold Road expansion.

ESO Scribing Guide, skill lines
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Here’s a definitive ESO Scribing guide that will discuss everything you need to know about such feature in the simplest way possible.

What is Scribing in The Elder Scrolls Online?

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road key visual overlooking Skingrad - how to start the eso scribing quest
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Scribing is the art of crafting spells with unique effects, letting you personalize your character’s magic.

According to the game’s lore, Scribing is an ancient art of crafting spells by “shaping the very heart of magic itself.”

Developed by Archmage Ulfsild the Evergreen, this rare ability requires a Scribing altar, certain materials, and the assistance of magical beings known as the Luminaries.

Guide: How to start ESO Scribing quest in Elder Scrolls Online

To unlock ESO Scribing, you must meet the following requirements before continuing this guide:

  • Buy and install the Gold Road Chapter.
  • Your character must be at least level 30 or have access to the Champion system.
  • You must complete the ESO Scribing quest, particularly the first two questlines: The Second Era of Scribing and The Wing of the Indrik.

How does ESO Scribing work?

Elder Scrolls Online Scribing
Credit: Bethesda, ZeniMax Online Studios

Scribing can only be performed at the altar of Scholarium on the island of Eyevea. 

To craft a skill via Scribing, you’ll need three things: a Grimoire, a set of three scripts, and some Luminous Inks.

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You can think of Grimoires as a container for a scribed skill.

Each Grimoire represents a skill under one of ESO’s existing skill lines. This means that if you scribed a Vault Grimoire, the skill that you’ll receive in the process will automatically appear on your list of bow-related skills.

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 As of writing this article, there are a total of 11 Grimoires in ESO:

  1. Elemental Explosion (Destruction Staff Skill Line)
  2. Mender’s Bond (Restoration Staff Skill Line)
  3. Shield Throw (One Hand and Shield Skill Line)
  4. Smash (Two Handed Skill Line)
  5. Traveling Knife (Dual Wield Skill Line)
  6. Vault (Bow Skill Line)
  7. Wield Soul (Soul Magic Skill Line)
  8. Soul Burst (Soul Magic Skill Line)
  9. Torchbearer (Fighters Guild Skill Line)
  10. Ulfsild’s Contingency (Mages Guild Skill Line)
  11. Trample (Assault Skill Line)
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All Grimoires, except the Soul Burst and Wield Burst, can be obtained by buying them at Chronicler Firandil’s store in The Scholarium.

But even if you have enough money to purchase a Grimoire, you must first reach rank 25 for its corresponding skill line.


Scripts are items that represent the abilities and effects that you want to put on your Grimoire when scribing. 

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There are three types of scripts, and you can only have one of each type on a Grimoire. These are:

  • Focus Scripts: Scripts that define the main function of a skill to be crafted.
  • Signature Scripts: Scripts that provide unique effects in addition to what the Focus Script can do.
  • Affix Scripts: Scripts that provide buff and debuff abilities, which can stack with the Focus and Signature Scripts.
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Scripts are obtainable in many ways; some can be bought from Chronicler Firandil, while others are available by visiting various branches of the Mages Guild and claiming quest rewards.

Luminous Inks

ESO Scribing guide, luminous Ink
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Luminous Inks serve as the final requirement to complete the Scribing process. Scribing a new skill using three scripts costs three inks, which means you’ll need to spend one Luminous Ink for every script you change.

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Guide: How to Scribe in The Elder Scrolls Online

Follow the steps in this guide if you already have all the materials needed for ESO scribing:

Step 1: Head over to the altar in The Scholarium.

ESO Scribing guide - Scribing at the Alter
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Step 2: Interact with the altar and select a Grimoire.

ESO Scribing guide, Scribing a grimoire
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Step 3: Select one Focus Script, one Signature Script, and one Affix Script from your script list.

ESO Scribing guide - Scribing scripts
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Step 4: Check the top left corner of your screen if you have enough Luminous Inks, and review the overall effects of the skill that you are about to scribe. Feel free to change any script before finalizing the Scribing process.

ESO Scribing guide, grimoire and scripts
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Step 5: Press the Scribe button, and you now have a scribed skill that can be added to your ability bar.

Reminders when Scribing in ESO

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  • Every script in the game is not compatible with every Grimoire. For example, the Focus Script Taunt can only be used in Shield Throw, Smash, and Vault Grimoires. This might limit you at some point, but you can still come up with thousands of unique skills with scribing.
  • You can always re-scribe one of your Grimoires in case you want to change a specific script. Changing one script requires one Luminous Ink.
  • Perfecting the art of ESO Scribing is a matter of understanding the effects of scripts, and how you can combine them to make a powerful skill.
  • Luminous Inks are farmable in the game. Ensure that you have lots of inks if you’re planning to test and do multiple changes to your scribed skills.

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