TiMi Studio Group and Level Infinite confirmed that various Honor of Kings game modes will be available for players to participate in and enjoy when it launches globally.

This is alongside the announcement of the game’s international release, expanding its reach to North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and beyond.

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Since its debut in China in 2015 and subsequent launch in Brazil, the mobile MOBA game has amassed a staggering 200 million registered users.

With the global release right around the corner, here’s a deep dive into the various Honor of Kings game modes that players can explore and enjoy.

An introduction to Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings Pre-registration key visual featuring Hero Ying and Lam
Credit: TiMi Studio, Level Infinite

Honor of Kings cleverly merges the realms of mythology with strategic gameplay.

The game offers a selection of over 85 legendary heroes upon its international release, each deeply rooted in mythological lore.

Each of these heroes introduces a diverse set of skills and powers for players to master.

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It’s a free-to-play game where success is a product of strategy and skill, not financial investment.

This principle is evident in the game’s matchmaking system, which pairs players based on their skill level, ranking, and even lane preferences to ensure balanced and engaging matches.

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Players are invited to explore and excel in roles that best suit their play style, choosing from Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, or Support.

This role diversity paves the way for a multitude of tactical approaches, and ensures the gameplay remains dynamic and captivating, constantly challenging players to adapt and evolve.

What are the available Honor of Kings game modes?

Starting positions of heroes in Honor of Kings
Credt: TiMi Studios, Level Infinite

There are several Honor of Kings game modes catering to different preferences and play styles.

Ranked Mode

For those who love a challenge, the Ranked mode allows players to climb the ladder and see how they stack up against the competition. You can enter this Honor of Kings game mode solo or with teammates.

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Classic Mode

Normal 5v5

This Honor of Kings game mode is the perfect way to develop team dynamics. Play with your friends and improve your communication and team play versus five other players.

1v1 Match

Test your skills against another player and show your in-game mechanics. This mode is perfect for players looking to hone their skills without the pressure of team dynamics.

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This Honor of Kings game mode is for the competitive at heart, offering structured tournaments and the chance to compete for glory and prizes.

Credit: Credit: Lilith Studios, Farlight Games, ONE Esports

Practice Mode

Boot Camp

New to MOBA or looking to try out a new hero? Boot Camp is an Honor of Kings game mode designed for practice and learning, with less focus on competition.

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AI simulation sessions offer a unique opportunity to strategize and experiment with different tactics without the unpredictability of human opponents.

Solo Practice

For those looking to perfect their skills with a specific hero, Solo Practice is the best Honor of Kings game mode. It offers a no-pressure environment to learn and grow.

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