Are you ready to make some magic with the all-new ESO Scribing quest?

With the release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road expansion, the adventurers of Tamriel are setting out on a new epic journey to explore a new zone called West Weald, a vast region in Southern Cyrodiil.

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Apart from all the brand-new locations, characters, and quests, Gold Road has paved a way for additional features that make ESO gameplay more interesting, such as Scribing.

What is Scribing?

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Scribing
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Scribing, in its simplest form, is the ability to create spells with customized effects. 

Every spell made from Scribing is written on a grimoire. The spell in a grimoire can be edited by adding three different types of scripts containing various effects that are unique to each other.

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Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner who’s trying to grasp the basics of Scribing, you must know that this feature is not readily available for everyone on the main menu.

To begin Scribing, you need to begin the ESO Scribing quest.

How to start the ESO Scribing quest

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road key visual overlooking Skingrad - how to start the eso scribing quest
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To enable Scribing, you must first buy and install the Gold Road Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online, reach at least level 30, as well as complete the ESO Scribing quest.

The ESO Scribing quest is composed of six questlines:

  1. The Second Era of Scribing
  2. The Wing of the Indrik
  3. The Wing of the Gryphon
  4. The Wing of the Netch
  5. The Wing of the Dragon
  6. The Wing of the Crow
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The first two ESO Scribing quests, The Second Era of Scribing and The Wing of the Indrik, are the prerequisite quests that will help you learn the long-lost history of Scribing and perform it in the same proficiency as its creator, Ulfsild the Evergreen.

The other four questlines are only accessible after the completion of the first and second questlines, and you can take them in any order, except for The Wing of the Crow. Most of the rewards for these quests will allow you more ways to get scripts.

The first Scribing questline (The Second Era of Scribing)

ESO Scribing quest
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Teleport to the wayshrine in West Weald. You will arrive in a wide vineyard, just outside the walled city of Skingrad.

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Enter Skingrad and look for the Mages Guild building in the southwest. Near to the guild’s building entrance is a bespectacled man named Irnard Rirnil.

Elder Scrolls Online - adept Irnard Rirnil's location
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

Irnard is an adept, a title bestowed to a member of the Mages Guild. Talk to him and you’ll find out he specifically needs your help to investigate a mysterious magical anomaly found in a place called Sunnamere.

Accepting Irnard’s request will give you access to the first questline of the ESO Scribing quest, which will eventually lead you to the discovery of the Scholarium Ruins.

Elder Scrolls Online The Ruins of Scholarium
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

As you explore the Scholarium, you will be trained in your first Scribing task; to craft a Soul Magic skill by combining three types of scripts into a single grimoire.

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Completing the Scribing task will clear The Second Era of Scribing questline and also unlocks The Wing of the Indrik questline by talking to Ulfsild’s crow familiar.

The second Scribing questline (The Wing of the Indrik)

ESO Scribing quest - The Wings of Thelndrik Quest
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/ONE Esports

At this point, you should now have enough knowledge about the history of Scribing in Tamriel.

We will not give you any more spoilers so that you can fully enjoy the lore, but the second Scribing questline is fairly easy to clear as long as you follow the instructions of the crow and “echoes” of Ulfsild herself.

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At the end of The Wing of Indrik quest, you will be granted Indrik’s Sigil, an item that allows you to purchase grimoires and scripts from Firandil, the Chronicler in the Scholarium.

The other remaining Scribing questlines

Choosing which Scribing questline to complete next is up to you. These quests, after all, are almost similar to The Wing of Indrik, where you’ll need to deal with reading fables, dispelling magic wards, and completing a series of challenges to acquire luminary sigils.

That concludes our guide on how to start the ESO Scribing quest. Have fun Scribing!

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