Cody “Clix” Conrod and Chicago Bears American football star, Tarik Cohen, have won the Fortnite NFL Streamer Bowl, claiming a US$125,000 cash prize for their chosen charities.

The Streamer Bowl was another collaboration between the NFL and Epic Games right before Superbowl weekend, teaming up their best players for a hectic, yet exciting battle on the Fortnite Map.

Rising stars like Kyler Murray and Juju Smith-Schuster duo’ed up with Fortnite all-stars like Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Fortnite World Cup Champion, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

During the last match, it all came down to Clix going against Bugha. Although Cohen fared well throughout the Streamer Bowl, he checked out early in the last match from a few missteps, leaving Clix to solo-win the game.

With the circle closing in, Bugha managed to get a shotgun shot on Clix for 105 damage, but Clix healed up with a potion. Eager to fight, Bugha broke the roof of Clix’s 1-by-1, but Clix got a clear headshot, finishing the Streamer Bowl with another win.

Clix and Cohen had an incredible run throughout the competition. The duo had an average placement of 2.75 with a total of 23 eliminations and 69 points. Runner-ups Tfue and Murray were miles behind with an average placement of 7.25 and a total of 16 eliminations and 46 points.

With their cash prize of US$125,000, Clix and Cohen will be donating to WWF Australia and True Care Inc. respectively.

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